Unlocking the Mechanisms Behind Modern Parts Washers: A Closer Look at Envirofluid’s Purasolve Range

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In any industrial or mechanical setting, the effectiveness of maintenance routines is as good as the cleanliness of equipment and tools. Parts washers are indispensable aids in the quest for impeccable operations, but how exactly do these sophisticated machines work?

Let’s explore the mechanisms behind some of the most advanced and eco-friendly parts washers in the market — the Purasolve range from Envirofluid.

The Workings of Advanced Parts Washers

Advanced parts washers like those in Envirofluid’s Purasolve provide customised solutions tailored to the diverse needs and challenges of modern workshops. Let’s delve into how each model in this lineup functions and why they stand out as exemplary tools for clean, efficient and environmentally attentive operations.

Purasolve Rotary Parts Washers

The Purasolve Rotary Parts Washer is designed with a rotating basket mechanism that delivers a 360-degree cleaning action. 

  • How it Works:
    Parts are placed into a perforated basket which spins within a closed chamber. The rotation ensures every angle of the component is exposed to the cleaning solution, which is sprayed up from beneath the basket, vertically and across the top. This action loosens and removes dirt, grease and debris efficiently.
  • Why It Excels:
    Besides its thorough cleaning capability, this model is exceptional for its water-saving feature. The system filters and reuses the cleaning fluid, reducing waste and the frequency of chemical replacement.

Imagine a merry-go-round for machine parts, where every turn ensures a deeper clean — efficient and thorough.

Watch it in action:

Purasolve PS6 Parts Washer

The versatile PS6 model is an all-rounder with capabilities fitting a variety of cleaning tasks.

  • How it Works:
    The Purasolve PS6 is a solvent bath with additional features which you won’t find in other machines on the market. It has a removable brush for ease of use, double filtration removing debris down to under 2 microns, and a drainage tray with runoff back into the tank to reduce waste.

    When Purasolve safety solvents are used with this unit, the solution will last for at least 18 months with the recirculation feature.
  • Why It Excels:
    It’s perfect for delicate parts that need gentle handling where different types of parts are cleaned regularly. The recirculating solvent system ensures optimal usage of the cleaning agents, making it both effective and economical.

Think of it as a spa day for parts where every contour receives personalised pampering, ensuring a deep cleanse without the harshness.

Watch it in action:

Purasolve HP High-Pressure Parts Washers

Designed for heavy-duty tasks, the HP High-Pressure model tackles the toughest grime and debris with powerful precision.

  • How it Works:
    This machine employs a high-pressure water jet, targeted directly at the parts to blast away hardened deposits and thick grime. The force of the water is meticulously controlled to ensure effective cleaning without damaging the components. There is also the additional feature of an air hose to assist with drying time and downtime.
  • Why It Excels:
    The use of water-based solutions rather than harsh chemicals makes this washer environmentally friendly while still providing potent cleaning action for challenging tasks.

Imagine the forceful yet skilful stripping away of dirt similar to a professional sculptor chiselling away at marble, revealing the pristine surface underneath.

Watch it in action:


Modern workshops need modern solutions, and the Purasolve Parts Washers from Envirofluid offer precisely that — advanced, adaptable and attentive cleaning technologies that keep up with the demands of contemporary industrial environments. Whether it’s the rotating basket of the Rotary model, the recirculating and long-lasting solvent in the PS6 or the powerful precision of the HP High-Pressure washer, each piece of equipment is a testament to the fusion of innovation with sustainability. As workshops continue to prioritise efficiency and environmental responsibility, these parts washers stand ready to play a crucial role in defining the future of industrial maintenance.

Interested in transforming your workshop practices with Envirofluid’s cutting-edge solutions? Contact Envirofluid today or visit https://www.envirofluid.com/brands-purasolve/ to see how the Purasolve Parts Washers can enhance your operations.

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