Triple7 Enviroscale: Redefining Maintenance at REPTX Salv-Ex 2024

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Naval maintenance faces constant challenges, requiring solutions that are both effective and safe.

The REPTX Salv-Ex event in Hawaii in May 2024, conducted by the National Centre of Manufacturing Science (NCMS) supporting Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), highlighted the groundbreaking benefits of Triple7 Enviroscale, a product revolutionizing maintenance procedures not just across the fleet, but also in standing with NATO standards for environmental and equipment safety globally:

  • Ensuring Asset Integrity

Triple7 Enviroscale stands out with its ability to remove scale deposits without causing any damage to vital components like heat exchangers, pipes and seals. Traditional descaling agents often lead to disintegration, but Triple7 Enviroscale preserves the integrity of your equipment, extending its operational lifespan and conforming to stringent NSN codification requirements. Notably, it has been used by the Australian Defence Force since 2002, demonstrating its reliability and effectiveness in demanding military environments.

  • Safety Through Reduced HAZMAT Reliance

Reducing the need for hazardous materials (HAZMAT) is a significant step toward safer operations. Triple7 Enviroscale’s non-toxic, non-hazardous formula makes it a safer alternative, minimizing the need for stringent storage precautions and lowering overall risks for personnel, supporting ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) initiatives by prioritizing health and safety.

  • Enhancing Reliability with Passivation

In addition to removing scale, Triple7 Enviroscale aids passivation of metal surfaces, providing a protective layer against future corrosion. This feature dramatically reduces maintenance frequency, enhancing the availability and reliability of your assets.

  • Meeting Environmental Standards

Maintaining compliance with increasingly stringent environmental regulations is crucial. Triple7 Enviroscale supports this by offering an eco-friendly solution that doesn’t compromise performance, ensuring you stay compliant with minimal environmental impact.

Real-World Success at REPTX Salv-Ex 2024

The efficacy of Triple7 Enviroscale was put to the test at the REPTX Salv-Ex event. A soaking bath filled with the product was used to treat scaled pump casings and fire pipe sections. By the next morning, all scale deposits were dissolved, and the metal surfaces were unharmed. Before-and-after photos showcased the dramatic transformation, underscoring the product’s effectiveness.




Triple7 Enviroscale is a safe, effective and environmentally-compliant solution for descaling on all Naval vessels. Its innovative properties ensure enhanced operational efficiency and extended equipment lifespan while maintaining compliance with environmental standards. Read more on this case study here.

Contact Envirofluid for more information on this product – a solution for maintenance operations, providing safety, efficiency and compliance for industries requiring stringent maintenance standards.


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