Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser Shines at REPTX Salv-Ex 2024

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Effective and safe cleaning solutions are essential for the maintenance of Naval vessels. Demonstrated at the REPTX Salv-Ex 2024 event in Hawaii, conducted by the National Centre of Manufacturing Science (NCMS) supporting Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser offered remarkable versatility and efficiency, setting new standards in cleaning solutions compliant with NATO requisites:

  • Broad-Spectrum Applications

Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser excels in a variety of cleaning tasks, from hydraulic oil separation to galley cleaning. Whether it’s removing 15-year-old varnished grease deposits or ensuring hygiene in food preparation areas, this degreaser proves its versatility time and again.

  • Safe and Non-Toxic

Safety within enclosed environments is non-negotiable. Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser emits no toxic gasses, ensuring a safer working atmosphere. Its non-HAZMAT formulation further alleviates risks associated with handling and storage, making it a trusted choice for Naval maintenance. This safety feature complements its ESG compliance, reducing risks related to chemical handling and storage.

  • Non-Emulsifying Properties

A noteworthy feature of Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser is its non-emulsifying characteristic in bilge tanks. This ensures efficient hydraulic oil separation, resulting in waste streams with less than 1ppm oil. This property not only boosts cleaning efficiency but also supports environmental compliance.

  • Quick Break Qualities

An additional benefit of the Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser is its quick break properties, which enhance the separation and removal of oils and greases in water treatment systems. This rapid demulsification not only ensures that cleaned surfaces are left residue-free more quickly but also facilitates achieving discharge levels from waste streams under 5 ppm. This contributes to a swift turnaround in maintenance tasks and operational readiness while ensuring environmental compliance.

Proven Effectiveness at REPTX Salv-Ex 2024

At the REPTX Salv-Ex event, Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser demonstrated its effectiveness across various applications and quickbreak properties. It achieved over 99% separation rate of hydraulic oil within 60 minutes. Another trial showed the product’s power by removing long-standing varnished grease deposits from a machine room with a single wipe. It also met HACCP accreditation standards for galley cleaning.




Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser emerges as a versatile, safe, and efficient cleaning solution. Its broad range of applications, non-toxic formulation and non-emulsifying properties make it indispensable for Naval maintenance. Read more on this case study here.

Contact Envirofluid for more information on this product – a solution for maintenance operations, providing safety, efficiency, and compliance for industries requiring stringent maintenance standards.


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