The ONLY Listed Product for Oil Herding & Surface Cleaning on Australian waters

oil spill

Envirofluid is proud to announce the acceptance of our Triple7 Bio Concentrate for Listing in the Oil Spill Control Agent (OSCA) National Plan as both a Surface Cleaning Agent (SCA) and an Oil Herding Agent (OHA) .  It is the ONLY product in Australia which meets Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) requirements for these applications, making it the ONLY listed Oil Spill Control Agent for both Oil Herding and Surface Cleaning in Australian waters.

The protection of the marine environment is everyone’s responsibility. We must be conscious of the pollution threats to our waterways and oceans and the potential for serious resultant effects.

Australia depends almost exclusively on shipping to move its exports and imports. In terms of tonnes of cargo shipped and kilometres travelled, Australia has the fifth largest shipping task in the world.

Triple7 Bio Concentrate is listed as both a Surface Cleaning Agent (SCA) and as an Oil Herding Agent (OHA) OSCA on the AMSA National Plan.

A Surface Cleaning Agent is a product which, when applied to oil on shorelines or other firm surfaces facilitates the removal of the oil by natural processes or clean-up activities.

A Herding Agent (OHA) is a product added to surface oil to restrict spreading.


          Oil Spill at Shipyard

Ecotoxicity for this product meets the Australian Oil Spill Control Agents requirements and is overall practically non-toxic (IMO/GESAMP classification).  Reference ESA TR1034 May 2013.

The EC50 (Saccostrea glomerata) is 17.1 ppm; the EC50 (Saccostrea echinata) is 17.5 ppm; the EC50 (Mytilus galloprovincialis) is 13.2 ppm; the EC50 (Parvocalanus crassisotris) is 14.7 ppm; the EC50 (Allorchestres compressa) is > 20 ppm; the EC50 (Lates calcarifer) is > 20 ppm; the EC50 (Heliocidaris tuberculata) is 13.8 ppm; the IC50 (Ioschrysis aff. galbana) is 8.6 ppm; the IC50 (Nitzchia closterium) is > 20 ppm; the EC50 (Hormosira banksia) is > 20ppm.

Triple7 Bio Concentrate is readily biodegradable and does not bio-accumulate. It is a powerful cleaner and degreaser, and assists in breaking emulsions.  According to the results of tests of biodegradability, this product is readily biodegradable according to Australian Standards.

Envirofluid is an industry leader in Work Safe and Environmentally Compliant chemicals that help protect our precious waterways and ecosystems.

Read more about the accreditation on the AMSA National Plan website.

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