Ian Young

Started using grittmitts about a year ago as solvol no longer made. Grittmitts is superior to solvol , which in itself was a good product. To me, grittmitts has more soap content, which, in conjunction with pumice, makes for a great soap to remove grease and grime from hands.
I wish you all success , and great work on your formulation of grittmitts.


Yes, the truck wash did a very good job! I have never seen chemical do such a good job taking bug strains off the front of something before, therefore I think the metallic truck wash is definitely a winner.

Qantas Plane Wash

In 2015, our team was contacted to wash the retired Qantas 747 in the Shellharbour NSW Air Museum. I bought a Triple7 Aircraft & Metal Cleaner from Blackwoods Unanderra for that job and I was impressed! Where can I buy more of this product?


Jayde Anderson

The samples are working great with my backyard reno’s and confident to upsell.


Thank you for looking for a supplier close to me. My husband has raved about your product as a great replacement for the discontinued Solvol bar soap, so happy to find another Australian company that can supply a quality product.


Received our free bar to try which we appreciated. Daughter has a rare skin condition and hubby works on and drives trucks so we were devastated when solvol was no more. We literally had friends all over Australia giving us their last bits of solvol until one of them stumbled across Grittmitts. We contacted the company and they have been nothing but helpful and the product is awesome!

Nick Cann

Got it yesterday. Awesome job really happy with grittmits. Best soap for mechanics.


Really good to use. Love the fact it is made in Australia.