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How to Clean Glass Without Leaving Streaks

It can be challenging to clean glass surfaces, and often stubborn stains or streaks remain even after applying a lot of elbow grease to the task. Find out how to easily clean your glass using the correct product. Cleaning glass surfaces can be challenging, whether you’re cleaning windows, shower doors, tabletops, or mirrors. Often, people [...] READ MORE



How to Easily and Quickly Clean Your Windshield

Dirt, insects, bird droppings, sand, rain, grease, stones are all road contaminants that can compromise windshield visibility and potentially endanger motorists. As such, it is of the utmost importance to regularlyclean your windshield and wipers. Whilst it’s a given that windshields are cleaned together with the rest of the vehicle, drivers will sometimes have to [...] READ MORE



Safer glass cleaning substitute leads to dramatic labour cost reduction

Cairns Height Safety introduced Triple7 Glass Shine as a substitute for traditional glass and mirror cleaner. The simple application process and highly effective performance of Triple7 Glass Shine resulted in a dramatic time reduction of 50%.