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Iron Bacteria vs Envirobore

Triple7 Envirobore solved a clogging issue in New Zealand. The Situation A water authority in New Zealand received complaints from customers about an Arad meter that had become so clogged with iron bacteria that it stopped reading water flow.  The Solution The company decided to use Triple7 Envirobore to help them eliminate the iron bacteria. […]




How to Unclog Drains Easily and Safely

Unclogging drains becomes easy and simple with Triple7 EnviroClear. Slow draining sinks, water pooling in showers, and unpleasant odours are all signs of clogged drains. Unless a foreign object falls down the drain, most clogs don’t happen overnight. Typically, they are a result of built-up debris over time such as grease, food, dirt, or hair. [...] READ MORE

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