Solvents and Depression: A Clear Distinction

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Several studies have shown both acute (short-term) and chronic (persistent) effects on the central nervous system in workers exposed to solvent mixtures. The symptoms include problems with mood, memory, concentration, and dexterity1. However, it’s important to note that these effects are associated with certain types of solvents, not all.

Which Solvents Are Culprits?

The Usual Suspects

  1. Toluene: Commonly found in paints, adhesives, and cleaning agents, toluene has been linked to depression and other neurological effects. Avoiding prolonged exposure is crucial.
  2. Trichloroethylene (TCE): Used in industrial processes, TCE exposure has been associated with mood disorders and cognitive impairment. Protective measures are essential for workers handling TCE-containing products.
  3. Benzene: Although primarily known for its carcinogenic properties, benzene exposure has also been linked to depression and anxiety. Minimising exposure is critical.

Purasolve: A Safer Alternative

Purasolve has a range of VOC-compliant products that are designed to be safe for users and the environment. These products do not contain the harmful components found in many industrial solvents. Let’s take a closer look at these products:

  1. Purasolve Brake Cleaner: This product is an ultra-safe, residue-free cleaning solvent for brakes. It does not contain chlorinated or halogenated solvents, making it safer for users and the environment.
  2. Purasolve Parts Cleaner SK: This is a fully recyclable, low vapour, benzene-free, high purity hydrocarbon degreasing solvent for use in parts washers. It’s designed to easily remove heavy-bearing grease and mining applications.
  3. Purasolve Surface Prep: This product is a non-explosive, safer alternative for preparing surfaces for painting and welding to remove contaminants. It has a low flash point and low vapour pressure compared to Acetone, MEK and other solvents.
  4. Purasolve Weapons Cleaner: This is a non-dangerous and non-explosive cleaner that also eliminates handling and use risks that are associated with hazardous solvents. It is particularly well-suited for maintaining weapons, guns and other metal surfaces while prioritising safety and environmental responsibility. 
  5. Purasolve Precision Cleaner: This product is a non-conductive, safe solvent developed to replace explosive solvents for residue-free electrical contact cleaning. Its n-Hexane-free formulation also protects you from long-term nerve damage.


While some solvents have been linked to depression, it’s important to note that not all solvents are harmful. Envirofluid’s Purasolve products are designed with safety and environmental sustainability in mind. They do not contain the harmful components found in many industrial solvents, making them a safer choice for both users and the environment.

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