Triple7 AquaSmart Ultra

A hydrogen peroxide blend which purifies drinking water

  • Powerful and Safe to Use
  • Chlorine Free Water Treatment
  • Breaks Down into Water and Oxygen when Used
  • Leaves No Taste or Odour
  • Active in Water for 1-2 months
  • Effective Over Wide pH and Temperature Range
  • Easy Pour-In Solution
  • Non Dangerous and Non-Hazardous


Triple7 AquaSmart Ultra is a chlorine free water treatment that is safe and effective – it breaks down into water and oxygen when used.



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Triple7 Aquasmart 5LTriple7 AquaSmart Ultra – 5 LAAAQSU-55 L
Triple7 Aquasmart 5LTriple7 AquaSmart Ultra – 20 LAAAQSU-2020 L