Wipe-Itts (Heavy Duty Workshop Wipes)

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Wipe-Itts Workshop Wipes are heavy-duty textured wipes that effectively remove grease and grime.

Did you know?
General workshop wipes are all made with plastic – so we have developed
Wipe-Itts to be plastic free.

More than 30 times the amount of plastic is thrown away in wipes every year than with plastic straws – let’s change that.


  • Plastic Free
  • Compostable
  • Made in Australia
  • Heavy Duty Cleaning Power
  • 80 Large Wipes per canister
  • Does not contain petroleum solvents



Wipes are needed in workshops, and they need to work! Wipe-Itts have been designed for workshops. They are heavy-duty and will clean up muck.

Aussie made, Wipe-Itts are powerful and effective, best of all, they can go in your green bin, unless they have been used on something putrid.

Wipe-Itts Heavy Duty Workshop Wipes have been specifically designed to effectively and easily remove stubborn stains, odours, ingrained dirt, grease, grime, oil, stubborn paints, inks and solvents from surfaces in your workshop and on your hands.


We also have our GritMitts Bar and GritMitts Liquid available in the Workshop range, make sure you get your Mitts on them too.

Environmentally Responsible

Decrease your carbon footprint with Wipe-Itts!

After use, Wipe-Itts can be placed in a green compost bin.

20 million plastic wipes—where on earth are they going to go?
Did you know that most wipes contain plastic?
Considering that over 20 million plastic wipes are used in Australia per day, just think of how much waste they create!
Our Answer — Aussie made Wipe-Itts, part of the GritMitts heavy duty workshop range.


Effectively and easily removes stubborn stains, odours, ingrained dirt, grease, grime, oil, stubborn paints, inks and solvents.

Directions for Use:

  1. Remove the lid and peel back the seal.
  2. Find the middle of the roll and pull up the Wipe-Itts piece from the corner.
  3. Insert the corner in the dispensing hole at the top of the container. Replace the lid.
  4. Hold the corner and pull it in a firm, sideways motion to remove a Wipe-Itts.
  5. Clean the affected area with Wipe-Itts. Close the lid of the container.
  6. For old stains and residues, place a Wipe-Itts over the area and leave for 2-3 minutes before wiping. For stubborn stains, use additional Wipe-Itts.


Wipe-Itts in Action


1 review for Wipe-Itts (Heavy Duty Workshop Wipes)

  1. Trevor Longstaffe

    Introduced to these wipes by Sales Rep, Given a tub to try out, they work well at cleaning up PR Sealants, generally I would use Swarfega Black Box Wipes, yet these are more of a cloth based wipe rather than tissue based wipe and don’t dry out as quick, so less used. Costing comparison is same-same, Happy with the product, more stock ordered for continued use.

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