Triple7 Hazfree Chainsaw & Cutting Oil

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Triple7 HAZFREE Chainsaw & Cutting Oil is a high performance bio-based chain cool lube. It is a non-toxic alternative to hazardous, chlorinated petroleum based lubricants, especially designed to meet individual product applications & regulatory criteria.

Triple7 HAZFREE Chainsaw & Cutting Oil is an aquatically non-toxic, readily bio-degradable chain and saw oil. The product contains a unique blend of biodegradable base stocks, thickeners and wear reducers. The oil is coloured green to make identification easy on metal parts.



Triple7 HAZFREE Chainsaw & Cutting Oil has a range of advantages including:

1. Sustainable & renewable plant derived product
2. Better performance & readily biodegradable
3. Increased tool & seal life & less chain break
4. Non-reactive to seals, gaskets, plastics, metals & paint
5. Less heat build-up & rapid heat dissipation
6. Stable at high temperatures (petroleum is not.)
7. Non-toxic, no V.O.C’s and non-flammable up to 200˚C
8. Non-clogging & free of tackafiers
9. Lower pour point, higher flash point
10. Non-reactive with other chemicals
11. Competitive through-life costs compared with petroleum
12. Less lubricant needed for use
13. Sewer and landfill disposal after removal of hydrocarbons
(subject to Government Regulations).


Triple7 HAZFREE Chainsaw & Cutting Oil is suitable for use with chain saws, forest & timber cutting machines and the product has no special handling/storage requirements. Triple7 HAZFREE Chainsaw & Cutting Oil is used as per standard lubrication procedures and applied as necessary for lubrication and corrosion protection.

Triple7 HAZFREE Chainsaw & Cutting Oil may be higher in price than conventional lubricants, however total life-cycle costs analyses, show considerable savings when all operational factors are considered:
> Lubricant price
> Amount applied
> Applications required per year
> Fines or penalties for misuse or spills
> Periodic environmental clean-up costs.


“To Whom It May Concern,
Having used chain saws for 25 years and used many different types of lubes for chainsaws, I have now used HAZFREE Chainsaw & Cutting Oil in my chainsaw for three months. I am happy to recommend it to every chainsaw user. Personally, I think it extends the chain and bar life because the chain seems to run cooler and you do not have to tighten the chain or clean-out the groove in the bar as often as with mineral chain and bar oils. Because of an apparent dry lube capacity, you also keep a nice clean saw because it does not gum-up behind the covers, thus causing less maintenance.”
‘Experienced chainsaw operator’

“Dear Sir,
I would like to inform you of the progress we have observed and the results so far.
We are currently using your product which you supplied to test-out on our equipment. As you know we use various chainsaws and carry-out the cutting of timber with these saws. The ones currently using the product HAZFREE Chainsaw & Cutting Oil are:
– Stihl chainsaw 019T
– Stihl chainsaw 046
– Stihl chainsaw 038
We are finding an increase in the life of our bars, chains, sprockets and the extra power relating to the performance of the saws. It appears that the chain runs smoother and cleaner with the use of this product. We will continue to test this oil and we will notify you of further progress, we hope to continue our association with you and your company.”
‘Tree-trimming specialist’


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