Triple7 EOR

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  • Designed for tertiary crude oil extraction
  • Micelle forming colloidal surfactant
  • Effective in low concentration applications
  • Develops ultra low interfacial tension
  • Effective in high salinity fields
  • Effective in low permeability strata
  • Can be used where traditional polymer or alkali products are ineffective
  • Non-toxic, non hazardous


Triple7 EOR is an advanced non-ionic micelle forming surfactant designed to enhance oil extraction from wells where primary, secondary and traditional EOR extraction techniques are no longer efficient.

Designed for low concentration surfactant assisted flooding Triple7 EOR increases field permeability, overcomes capillary force, cohesion force and conglutination force barriers to oil recovery.


Enhanced Oil Recovery

Chemical Oil Recovery has quickly become the most significant and cost effective oil recovery method in use today due to its high yield, low energy use and low cost.

Of all chemical oil recovery methods Surfactant Enhanced Oil Recovery (SEOR) is by far the front-runner in increasing oil field outputs in both the short and long term.

When introduced to an oil field Triple7 EOR produces “ultra-low” interfacial tension between trapped oil and water allowing for more effective flooding and oil extraction.

Because Triple7 EOR forms short lived nano emulsions oil is easily reformed into bands for extraction.

Effective Where Traditional SEOR Methods Fail

Surfactant assisted water-flooding with Triple7 EOR is an effective method in low permeability reservoirs (0.1 – 100 mD) where it is difficult to inject water.

This tertiary oil recovery method remains effective where traditional polymer or alkali products cannot be introduced into the reservoir because permeability is too low, the temperature is too high, or the salinity is too high to use polymer.

This process can also be used where the amount of divalent cations is too high to use alkali.

Advanced Technology

Advanced Surfactant Technology

  • Effective in salt water
  • Improves thermal conductivity of water
  • Helps buffer acid pH

Non Emulsifying

Triple7 EOR does not create a standing emulsion with crude oil or any other type of hydrocarbon. The product is a hydrophilic and has a HLB of 13.85 favouring water phase attraction and therefore a very weak fatty phase interface.

Designed to Displace Oil – Not Contaminants

Non-ionic in nature, Triple7 EOR will auto disperse rapidly in water solution to displace and lift hydrocarbons whilst leaving inert solids including tars, gravel and sands in place.

Maximising Oil Resources

With oil prices rising under intense and increasing demand Enhanced Oil Recovery is fast becoming a vital factor in securing fossil fuel energy supplies into the near future.

Traditional oil recovery techniques typically recovery only 20% – 40% extraction from an oil field leaving 80% – 60% of oil trapped in the pores of rocks due to capillary forces. This remaining oil, although more challenging to extract, forms the vast majority or remaining crude oil on the planet.

The use of surfactants, typically anionic, with polymers has been part of the EOR process since the 1980s. However, the benefits of non-ionic plant based surfactants and solvents have been gaining attention because of their proven performance and environmental safety.

Triple7 EOR is designed to make the most of the World’s limited crude oil resources whilst reducing the environmental impacts of Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery.

Non-toxic, Safe & Eco-friendly

Triple7 EOR is comprised of amine reacted free fatty acids, fatty alcohols, esters and wax esters derived from soy, corn and seed oil fractions. The product is readily biodegradable, non-toxic, non-hazardous and contain no measurable VOCs.

Safe for People

Triple7 EOR does not contain any known or suspect carcinogens, is free from ozone depleting substances or toxic ingredients. The product is safe to transport, store and handle without protective equipment or special procedures.

Safe for the Environment

Triple7 EOR will not harm marine life and does not bio-accumulate. There are no known restrictions on its use in near shore, inland or offshore waters.


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