BlastSax (Carton of 18)

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BlastSax are a unique blast migration system that is rapidly deployed and extremely effective.

BlastSax are a lightweight, compact, and easily transported capability that can be deployed using minimum manpower and resources.

NSN Classification     4240-99-991-3183

How They Work

BlastSax are packed in environmentally sealed bags and weigh just 800 grams which makes them ideal to store and transport. When deployed, BlastSax require 20 litres of clean or grey water for absorption to transform them into an effective mitigation system similar to a 20kg sandbag.


Applications include:

Rapid mitigation for all CMD tasks

Protection of valuable assets during IEDD tasks

Protection against fragmentation damage on key point areas

Ideal for post-blast analysis and the collection of forensic evidence

Rapid mitigation prior to full mitigation arriving on site

Suitable for use aboard ships for Navy EOD tasks


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