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ActiveEco Antifoam is a non-ionic aqueous emulsion used to suppress or control the formation of foam in aqueous media, effluent treatment, and processes in industry in which foaming is an issue.

NSN Code  5 Litre      6850-66-164-0998



Innovative Chemistry – ActiveEco Antifoam is a broad-spectrum, high performance defoamer specially designed for reducing / eliminating foaming in industrial applications and environmentally sensitive environments.

Quick Acting – Rapidly disperses in water and aqueous media to give immediate foam control.

Safe for Equipment – ActiveEco Antifoam does not damage the cleaning surfaces, seals,
rubbers or pipework systems.

Work Safe Formulation – ActiveEco Antifoam is non-hazardous and is a low odour
formulation making it safe and pleasant to use.

How to Use

Consult Material Safety Data Sheet before use. May separate in storage – Shake or stir well before use.


1. Dose 1ml of product per 10 litres effluent directly into grey water systems to reduce foaming.
2. Add 5ml of ActiveEco AntiFoam per 10 litres of liquid to control foaming in water reuse systems.
3. Washdown water that enters rivers or the ocean can cause undesirable foam, even with
biodegradable chemical cleaners. ActiveEco AntiFoam can be added to, or formulated into the Triple7 range of surfactant cleaners to prevent these issues.


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