Purasolve ProBrake QE – Brake Cleaner

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Ultra-Safe Brake Cleaner.

  • High-Performance Safety Solvent
  • Residue Free Finish
  • Better for Health, Safety and the Environment

Purasolve ProBrake QE is a residue free cleaning solvent for brakes and other technical applications. The low odour cleaner was developed to increase user safety and comfort by replacing highly toxic brake cleaners.



Purasolve ProBrake QE Brake Cleaner can be used for:

  • Cleaning brakes and other automotive applications
  • Avionic brake and component cleaning
  • Cleaning motor’s, switches, relays, and other electrical applications

Method of Application:

Apply Purasolve ProBrake QE neat with a spray, cloth or brush method.

Begin at one end of the part, cleaning in the usual manner.

Improves User Safety

Better Results, Safer Assets, Lower Cost

Purasolve ProBrake QE has multiple benefits including;

• Eliminates the risk of handling and use of toxic solvents
• Improved user safety and comfort with low odour
• Reduces your environmental footprint by reducing VOC emissions
• Very low n-hexane content (<0.7%)


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