Purasolve Strip Clean

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Purasolve Strip Clean is a low toxicity, low volatile solvent based stripper and cleaner for removing paints, coatings, carbon, grease, fuel residues, resins and other contaminants from a variety of substances.

Purasolve Strip Clean is safe on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, is excellent for sensitive metals such as aluminium, magnesium, and titanium, and contains no Methylene Chloride, chlorinated or aromatic hydrocarbons, or petroleum distillates.

Purasolve Strip Clean is classified as a non-hazardous substance and non-dangerous goods according to the NOHSC Criteria, and ADG Code


Method Of Application

Use as a soak tank solvent or with a rag or brush. Slow evaporation gives Purasolve Strip Clean a longer dwell time for non-soak applications


• Non-Explosive

• Low Vapour Pressure

• High flash point

• Slow Evaporating

• Reduces Hazardous Waste Disposal

• Australian Made


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