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Unlock Exceptional Value with Used & Ex-Rental Parts Washers

Explore our premier selection of used and exrental parts washers, where performance meets unbeatable value. Our certified pre-owned equipment offers a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality. Each washer undergoes a rigorous inspection and servicing by our expert technicians, ensuring they meet our high standards of functionality and cleanliness.


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Why Choose Our Used & Ex-Rental Equipment?

  • Affordability: Significantly lower prices than new models.
  • Quality Assurance: Fully serviced and tested to operate like new.
  • Sustainability: Extend the life cycle of high-quality equipment, reducing environmental impact.
  • Warranty Included: Peace of mind with a comprehensive warranty on all equipment.

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PS-16 Information

Specifications: Overall dimensions: 775mm l x 550mm w x 1325mm h
Inside tub dimensions: 650mm l x 425mm w x 175mm h
Steel tub
1 drain baskets
Heavy-duty steel work tray
One flow-through brushes
One hydraulic lid assists
Solvent capacity: 50 litres
Electrical requirements 240 volt, 50Hz
240 volt 2000 ltr/hour pump

PS-32 Information

The Purasolve PS-32P is a fully deployable parts washer / weapons cleaner built to meet the rigours of field maintenance operations. This system solves the problem of how to clean maintenance parts and weapons in an environmentally responsible way wherever our Defence Forces are deployed around the world. It utilizes the Purasolve range of environmentally responsible solvents, Purasolve Parts Cleaner, Purasolve Weapons Cleaner and Purasolve Parts Cleaner SK. The unit is designed for high-volume usage and requires less solvent for operation making acquisition more cost-effective. The Purasolve PS-32P utilises a sophisticated microfiltration process that filters down to 0.1 microns and effectively removes oils and greases that are washed off the parts/weapons and that are dissolved in the cleaning solution. Solvent life extension becomes easy, effective and predictable. The Purasolve PS-32P is completely self-contained and operable off military maintenance generators in the field or fixed base 240V power.

The Purasolve PS-32P has thick 14 gauge steel to withstand the punishment of contingency deployment and is specifically designed to be palletized for air, ground or sea deployment. The Purasolve solvents are carried internally in air-deployable drums. The machine is finished in a durable flat dark green colour to maintain a “tactical” appearance.


Overall dimensions: 965mmL x 794mmW x 1080mmH

Inside tub dimensions: 813mmL x 559mmW x 457mmH

Drain basket: 80mm diameter

Electrical Requirements: 240V, 50Hz, 1.7A

PS-40 Information

The PS-40 is designed for high volume-usage. It has a dual system design which allows a number of individuals to clean parts or weapons simultaneously. This machine was designed as a smaller version of our PS-48 Weapons Cleaner/Partswasher for limited space restrictions.

Specifications: Overall dimensions: 45” l x 27” w x 69” h
Inside tub dimensions: 40” l x 22” w x 18” h
14 gauge steel tub
1 drain basket
Heavy-duty steel work tray
1 flow-thru brush
Dual hydraulic lid assist
Solvent capacity: 106 Litres
Adjustable work light
110 volt 500 GPH pump

PS-48 Information

The PS-48W is designed for high-volume usage. It has a dual system design which allows a number of individuals to clean parts or weapons simultaneously.

Specifications: Overall dimensions: 53” l x 33” w x 69” h
Inside tub dimensions: 48” l x 28” w x 18” h
13 gauge steel tub
4 drain baskets
Heavy-duty steel work tray
Dual flow-thru brushes
Dual hydraulic lid assists
Solvent capacity: 159 Litres
Adjustable work light
110 volt 500 GPH pump


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