Purasolve Biological Parts Washers

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Purasolve Biological Parts Washers are designed to be perfectly safe for the user and the environment, having no toxic vapour or risk of fire or explosion.

These machines use water-based cleaning liquids with surfactants, combined with natural microorganism tablets to bioremediate hydrocarbons and provide excellent degreasing power.

Made of rotomolded plastic technology, the Purasolve Bacterial Parts Washers Technology 3.0 offer great heat retention and limit liquid evaporation.

With easy setup and replaceable filters, it’s the perfect solution for cleaning a wide range of parts.


Purasolve Biological Parts Washers comes in 3 different models depending on your requirements:
• 100L with 30L soaking tank
• 100L with 80L soaking tank and optional agitation system
• 40L Mobile parts washer with 4L soaking tank

Let us know your exact application needs!


Parts Washer Models

Dimension (LxDxH)905 x 650 x 1080mm1160 x 660 x 1010mm820 x 530 x 1050mm
Working Area Dimension (LxDxH)790 x 420 x 180mm900 x 570 x 220mm550 x 430 x 150mm
Weight Capacity100kg100kg30kg
Tank Capacity100 Litres105 Litres40 Litres
Soaking Area30 Litres / 90mm high80 Litres / 160mm high4 Litres / 8mm high
Heating 38°C / 1kW38°C / 1kW38°C / 2kW
Mobility4 wheels (2 with brake)Footed (no wheels)4 wheels (2 with brake)
Power230V, 200W/h (optional Eco Mode)230V, 190W/h230V, 150W/h


This 100L biological parts washer is constantly heated at 38 degrees C and ensures an optimal cleaning process using a brush, spray, or soaking.


  • Sealed lid
  • 30L soaking tank with overflow system
  • Ergonomic control box
  • Easy drain system with bath level indicator
  • 4 fitted wheels for mobility


Features & Benefits


Usage Overview


Also a 100L biological parts washer, this model shares the same features as the PSB-100-30, but has an 80L soaking tank.


  • Bigger working space
  • Agitation system (available as an option)
  • Sealed lid
  • Ideal for industrial applications


Features & Benefits


Usage Overview


This model is a mobile parts washer, both electrical and pneumatic.

A multi functional parts washer that is ergonomically designed and works with compressed air, cleaning parts without using solvents.

Its compact size makes it perfect for mechanics to work with under vehicles for brake cleaning and other applications.

The washer needs to be plugged in until the indicator light illuminates which shows that the cleaning bath has reached optimal temperature. The washer is then independent and can move within the workshop when connected to compressed air.


  • Soaking area
  • Quick heating process
  • Cleaning brush tool
  • Air Gun Drying System
  • Fully mobile with 4 polyurethane wheels
  • 10bar compressed air supply

Features & Benefits

Usage Overview

How Bioremediation Works

Bioremediation is the use of microbial species to break down and remove oil, grease, and carbon-based contaminants.

When soiled parts are placed in the Purasolve biological smartwashers the solution pulls the soiling away from the parts, emulsifies the oils which are then treated by the microbes and the oils are converted into water and carbon dioxide.

This proven biotechnology is used to assist in the clean-up in petroleum refineries and industrial manufacturing facilities globally.


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