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GritMitts Liquid is a heavy-duty grit hand cleaner that combines the cleansing power of pumice, a light volcanic rock, with the deep cleaning strength of natural citrus oils.

The pumice grit in the soap effectively and easily removes ingrained dirt, grease, grime, stubborn stains, odours, oil, paints, inks, and solvents off your hands.

Made in Australia, GritMitts Liquid hand cleaner is a powerful, heavy duty hand cleaner that does the job that ordinary hand cleaner can’t, while being free of harsh chemicals.

GritMitts is also available in soap bars.



Further Information

Solve all your hand cleaning problems!

• Powerful cleaning action
• All-Purpose pumice grit hand cleaner
• Ideal for mechanics, warehouse workers, handymen
• Contains moisturisers to keep hands soft
• Will not irritate skin
• Deep cleans without harsh chemicals
• Does not contain petroleum solvents
• Australian Made

GritMitts powerful pumice scrubbing power makes it the perfect solution for work-stained hands.


Usage Instructions

How to use the GritMitts Liquid Hand Wash:

  1. Get a pair of dirty greasy hands.
  2. Apply a small amount of hand cleaner to dry hands
    (cleans better than with wet hands).
  3. Massage into hands, paying attention to any areas with ingrained grime.
  4. Rinse off with water and dry hands.
  5. Fist pump the air with those now ultra clean hands.

Alternatively high five your hands, because you deserve it 🥇


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