Triple7 Envirolab

Triple7 Envirolab is an advanced non-ionic surfactant solution that is dielectric and anti-oxidant in nature.

This powerful solution simply penetrates into the grease or contaminant and lifts away the deposit without harming the cleaning surface.

The product is suitable for use on delicate instrument parts and does not react harmfully with other cleaning, disinfecting or deodorising chemicals.

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Cleans reliably – avoids the use of chromosulphuric acid and subsequent disposal costs.
> No inhibitory effect on enzyme tests – no interference with other chemicals.
> Prevents carry-over – no residue carried over to next analysis.
> Suitable for all cleaning surfaces – harmless to metals, plastics, paints, rubber and all surfaces
compatible with water.
> Phosphate and caustic free – reduced health hazards.
> Contains no petroleum derivatives or hazardous chemicals – reduces OH&S issues and future
litigation claims.
> Easy to use – No special handling & disposal issues.
> Cost effective.
> Readily biodegradable – passes AS4351 test for biodegradability and breaks down easily in the
> Environmentally responsible – protects ecosystems and waterways.



Glassware > TLC Plates > Food
> Precision Instruments > Metal Equipment > Waxes & Silicones
> Pipettes > Porcelain > Distillation Residues
> Surgical Instruments > Benches > Oils & Fats
> Photometry Cells > Floors > Rubber
> Spectical Lenses > Blood & Saliva > Aluminium


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5 L, 20 L


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