ActiveEco Decontaminant

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Mould, Floor and Microorganism Decontaminant

ActiveEco Decontaminant is an anti-microbial decontaminant for use in heavy-duty restoration situations where moulds, bacteria, viruses, yeasts and spores are prevalent because of flooding, body fluids or organic waste.

  • Sophisticated anti-microbial blend
  • Broad-spectrum of activity
  • Effective odour elimination
  • Powerful penetration into fibre and porous substrates



ActiveEco Decontaminant’s core biocidal activity is derived from a synergistic combination of two powerful biocides and specific potentiator chemistry which can effectively destroy a wide range of odour-causing bacteria, microorganisms, viruses and mould.

The powerful biocidal blend is carried rapidly and deeply into the affected area with a dynamic wetting agent which enables the biocide to penetrate substantially further into porous substances, fabrics and fibres than traditional disinfectants.


ActiveEco Decontaminant not only rapidly penetrates the contact surface but has an extremely high tolerance of organic soil. This contributes to its biocidal efficacy. In trauma and other decontamination applications, ActiveEco Decontaminant is a very effective bactericide and economical to use.

ActiveEco Decontaminant is active against gram positive and gram negative bacteria, moulds, spores, enveloped and non-enveloped (lipid and non-lipid) viruses at suggested dilution rates.


  • Sophisticated anti-microbial blend ActiveEco Decontaminant employs a potentiated biocidal package which provides a faster and wider scope of kill.


  • Penetration – To provide ultimate sanitization of target surfaces, this powerful anti-microbial package has a super-wetting technology. This enables the biocide to penetrate faster and deeper into the inner structure of fibre and porous substrates.


  • Eliminates odours ActiveEco Decontaminant eliminates odours at their source by powerful anti-microbial action against odour-causing germs.


  • Broad spectrum of activity ActiveEco Decontaminant has lethal capacity against a broad scope of microorganisms, making it suitable for a wide variety of applications.


  • Provides a safe working environment – ideal for removing or minimizing dangerous microorganisms ahead of continuing with restoration clean-ups involving human fluids, sewage and mould.



Observe all safety directions and read the SDS before use. Always pre-test in an inconspicuous location for substrate sensitivity to chemicals.


  • Add 65ml per litre of water (1.16) for mould remediation
  • Add 32ml per litre of water (1:32) for disinfection and decontamination in high soil load conditions (Category 3 water)
  • Add 16ml per litre of water (1:64) for standard applications, disinfections and odour control (Category 1 & 2 water)


  1. Before cleaning is undertaken, the affected area can be sprayed down with ActiveEco Decontaminant solution to reduce microbial concentration and enhance user safety.
  2. Remove and clean away all wet and dry debris. Pre-clean area before disinfection step.
  3. Application can be by means of spray, wet fog, mop or cloth. Apply ActiveEco Decontaminant solution to the affected area.
  4. Agitate briefly, where possible into porous substrates.
  5. Allow a minimum of 10 minutes dwell time.
  6. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.

TGA Test: Hospital Grade Disinfectant – 1:32 Dilution

MicroorganismTimeConditionResultant Kill
Staphylococcus Aureus (gram-positive)8 minDirty>99.999999%
Escherichia Coli (gram-negative)8 minDirty>99.999999%
Pseudomonas Aerigunosa (gram-negative)8 minDirty>99.999999%
Proteus Vulgaris (gram-negative)8 minDirty>99.999999%


TGA Test: Hospital Grade Disinfectant – 1:64 Dilution

MicroorganismTimeResultant Kill
Staphylococcus Aureus (gram-positive)8 min>99.999999%
Escherichia Coli (gram-negative)8 min>99.999999%
Pseudomonas Aerigunosa (gram-negative)8 min>99.999999%
Proteus Vulgaris (gram-negative)8 min>99.999999%


AOAC Hard Surface Carrier Test – 1:32 Dilution

MicroorganismTimeConditionResultant Kill
Staphylococcus Aureus (gram-positive)8 min5% SerumPass
Salmonella choleraesuis (gram-negative)8 min5% SerumPass
Pseudomonas Aerigunosa (gram-negative)8 min5% SerumPass


Recent innovations in Quaternary Ammonium Compounds make the among the most lethal mouldicides available. ActiveEco Decontaminant combines this technology with potentiators and penetrants for unparalled mould killing power.

At a dilution of 1:16, ActiveEco decontaminant takes only 8 minutes to achieve a >4.5log reduction (kill) when tested against Aspergillus Brasiliensis. ActiveEco Decontaminant is a product of choice because of its favourable and economical ready-to-use profile.

Evaluation in accordance with BS EN 1650:2008 – 1:16 Dilution

Aspergillus Brasiliensis8 min0.3% albumin>99.99%


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