ActiveEco Restore

Heavy Duty Cleaner for Hard Surface Restoration

  • High-Tech Deep Cleaning Hard Floor Restorer
  • Powerful Restoration of Aged and Greying Tiles and other Hard Surfaces
  • Restores Original Surface and Structure of Floors
  • Removes Water Borne Chemical Residue,
  • Removes Hard Water Scale
  • Removes Rust Stains


ActiveEco Restore is a heavy duty cleaning formulation which penetrates deeply to remove embedded stains, layers of residue and build-up on tiled surfaces.  The powerful cleaning action restores surfaces to their original look and non-slip performance.



ActiveEco Restore can be used for:

  • Restoring flooring surfaces in high traffic areas
  • Aquatic centres
  • Shopping centres
  • Conference centres
  • Restore unkept flooring
  • Any hard floor, high traffic areas requiring fast effective restoration

Method of Application:

Equipment: Rotary Scrubber + Blue FM pad and Mop Bucket 

1. Prepare area by removing any loose soiling. Only clean an area of a size which can be managed within 30 – 40 minutes. About 50 m2.

2. Prepare a 1:5 Solution of ActiveEco Restore in mop bucket. Apply this solution to the floor area with a mop. Ensure that the entire area is thoroughly wetted.

3. Do not scrub. Allow 15 minutes dwell time. Ensure that the floor does not dry out during this time.

4. Scrub the area using the rotary scrubber fitted with a blue FM pad. Use the slower speed setting if available (aprox 150rpm)

5. Extract the resultant slurry using an autoscrubber, wet vacuum or if possible hose down drain.

6. Thoroughly rinse the area with clean water before proceeding to Step 2 (ActiveEco Rejuvenator).

Note: Where deep grout lines and sloping flooring exists, the technician must ensure that the floor area stays wet with solution during the dwell time and when scrubbing.

Note: The area must be thoroughly rinsed. If acid residues remain, they will interfere with the cleaning in the second step.

Note: Avoid rinsing solution into pool overflow drains.

Improves Business

Improves Business

Better Results, Safer Assets, Lower Cost


ActiveEco Restore effectively removes tough build up and stains like oil, fat, rubber abrasion, grime, detergent residue and lime scale residues with a powerful cleaning action.

Kind on Surfaces

ActiveEco Restore is safe to use on all man-made tiles and non-ferrous metals.  It also preserves non-slip properties.

Cost Effective

Because ActiveEco Restore quickly restores surfaces that have been built up with grime and scale, it saves huge labour costs, and could even avert floor replacement.

No Special Storage Requirements

ActiveEco Restore is not classed as a Dangerous Good so it needs no special storage areas, lowering the cost of transport, handling and storage.

Improves Lives

Improves Lives

Health, Safety and Environmental Benefits

Safe for your Workers

ActiveEco Restore is not classed as a Dangerous Good making storage and use as safe and simple as possible.  It is also almost odourless, providing more pleasant working environments.

Enhances Workplace Safety

ActiveEco Restore reinstates the non-slip properties of flooring surfaces and leaves no chemical residues, reducing the chance of slips and injuries.

Safe for the Environment

ActiveEco Restore has a unique low pH formula and contains no hydrochloric, hydrofluoric, phosphoric or sulphamic acids.

Directions for Use

ActiveEco Restore may be applied with a mop, hand scourer or auto-scrubber. For optimum results combine ActiveEco Restore with the ActiveEco Cleaning Pad for results that will amaze you!

Improves Innovation

Improves Innovation

Enables New Applications

ActiveEco Restore provides a solution to situations where floor replacement would normally be required.



HACCP Food Safety Certified    download report


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