Triple7 EnviroClear

A unique non-toxic bio-based surfactant formulation that cleans effluent systems and destroys odours.

  • Breaks Down Solids & Cleans Pipework
  • Assists Septic and Waterless Systems
  • High Performance Cleaner & Deodoriser
  • Destroys Odours
  • Saves on pump-outs
  • Improves Leach Pit Drainage
  • Readily Biodegradable
  • Performance Guaranteed

NSN 7930-66-159-7250 – 5Ltr Bottle

Triple7 EnviroClear is a completely non-toxic, fast acting organic solution for septic tank and odour control treatment.  It removes grease and fat deposits, improves drainage, assists solids breakdown and restores system efficiency.



Triple7 EnviroClear can be used in a variety of applications including:

  • A treatment for all septic systems and effluent systems
  • Portable and waterless toilets for odour control and to maintain system efficiency
  • Great for use in camping & caravan toilets, disposal bins & garbage compactors
  • Neutralises odours in drains & grease traps
  • Prevents waterlogging near leach drains
  • Assists sludge breakdown
  • Controls grease & fat deposits

Triple7 EnviroClear is supplied in an easy-to-use liquid form.

This concentrated product goes a long way – 20 litres will last up to 20 months in normal use conditions (250ml per week).

Standard Dilution Rates:

Septic Systems & AWTS (Aerated Waste Treatment Systems) – Dose initially with 250ml (1 cup) per day of concentrated product into toilets, sinks or drains until odour-free (2 to 4 days) then add 250ml (1 cup) weekly, or as required, to maintain treatment and system efficiency.

Odour Control in Drains & Grease Traps – Add 250ml per day to plumbing system until odour-free, then 250ml as required for system maintenance.

Portable, Camping and Caravan Toilets – Add 70ml per litre to holding tank. Then add 35ml per day. If odour increases, add more product as required.

Composting, Disposal Bins & Garbage Compactors – Apply by spraying or misting or alternatively pour 250ml onto surface.

Hard surface cleaning – Wash with diluted product eg: walls, floors, benches and ablution blocks.

Improves Business

Improves Business

Better Results, Safer Assets, Lower Cost

Effective & Cost Saving

Triple7 EnviroClear is a 100% bio-based product which works by assisting the breakdown of solids and sludge in septic tanks.  This concentrated product goes a long way – 20 litres will last up to 20 months in normal use conditions (250ml per week).

Safe for Equipment

Triple7 EnviroClear contains no caustic products, or phosphates so will not harm pipework, pumps, rubber or seals.

Makes your Systems Perform Better

Unlike caustic cleaners and bleaches, Triple7 EnviroClear does not disrupt the necessary bacterial action in septic systems, but assists in breaking down solids which enhances the functioning of septic tanks, making your systems perform better and reducing maintenance costs.  It will clear blocked pipes, improve drainage and reduce clogging problems in drains and soak wells.  It also clears pipes of organic, grease and fat deposits and can be used to enhance the performance of grease traps, as well as eliminating odours.
With regular use, you can notice the difference in overall system performance, with septic sludge and solids breaking down more efficiently. This means your pumps are under less stress, resulting in a potentially longer lifespan for hardware and higher quality water output.

No Special Storage Requirements

Triple7 EnviroClear has no Hazchem rating so it needs no special storage areas, lowering the cost of transport, handling and storage.

Improves Lives

Improves Lives

Health, Safety and Environmental Benefits      

Safe for You and Your Workers

Triple7 EnviroClear is ammonia and caustic free.  It has no toxic fumes or strong masking fragrances, but rather destroys the odours at their source.  It even retards the formation of hydrogen sulphide, a natural and poisonous gas derived from the bacterial breakdown of organic matter.

Safe for the Environment

Triple7 EnviroClear contains no ozone depleting chemicals or hazardous air pollutants and the product is 100% biodegradable. Furthermore, Triple7EnviroClear does not upset the delicate balance of nature’s ecosystems, but rather enhances them.

Application is Easy

Triple7 EnviroClear is sold in an Easy-To-Use Liquid Form and requires no mixing prior to use.

Improves Innovation

Improves Innovation

Enables New Applications


Because Triple7 Envirobore is non-corrosive, it is safe for metals, acrylics, rubber and seals.  Furthermore, it enhances nature’s way of breaking down solids at the same time as eliminating odours.

Safe to use in Organic Production

Triple7 Envirobore is Organic Listed making it safe to use in environmentally sensitive environments and the production of organic food and fibre.

Accreditations & Testimonials

Accreditations & Approvals

Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) Accreditation   download certificate

HACCP Food Safety Certified    download report

Australian Defence NSN Classification  5Litre   7930-66-159-7250


The first thing I noticed was the wafting smells had gone. Even though we had the heavy wet season here in North Queensland. I am now a convert! I will be getting some more.     Atherton QLD

Our company hires out porta-loos for high profile functions. Recently we trialed traditional chemicals in one group and Triple7 EnviroClear in the other group. The product reduced odours better than the best traditional chemicals, even when the units were moved from one site to another.      Hire Company

We operate a Septic Tank/Grease Trap cleaning company. We previously had a problem with odours coming from our suction hoses. Traditional products that we used in the past were either hazardous and not eco-friendly or simply masked the problem with strong fragrances.  Recently we trialed Triple7 EnviroClear at 5% dilution, applied using a simple trigger spray bottle. Very quickly the odours disappeared, except for those coming from inside the hoses. We then sprayed in each opening of the hoses and the odours became virtually undetectable. Now when we arrive at the next job, customers do not detect odours coming from our truck … a big plus for our business!      Liquid Waste Transporter

We have completely washed out the toilet block at one of our busiest railway stations with Triple7 EnviroClear and there is no odour what-so-ever. We have never had the odour removed before and the toilet looks so clean in such a simple manner. The old concrete tends to hold odours and grime, but the product has done an excellent job. We now use it for everyday cleaning.      State Rail Authority

Our hotel business experienced high effluent loadings. Triple7 EnviroClear was then added to the grease traps and the past, persistent on-going odour issues with a neighbouring hospital were consequentially resolved within 2 – 3 days.      Hotel Resort Owner

The system smelt after the rain – the product took the odour away.  The over-flow through the rubble drain seemed clearer and cleaner.    Lowood QLD

This sample was given to a shop that controlled long drops on the Golden Highway NSW. The response and increased use of long drops has been amazing. Typical comments – visiting a long drop has become a new experience.  The pleasant aroma is sensational.  Personally, I visit the long drop on the way home nearly every day!  The product is good and is working well, plumbers are happy, Louie the fly is not happy.     Merriwa NSW

Definitely destroyed the odour and improved the drainage and soakage immediately. Will recommend to our customers.      Roma QLD

It is fantastic, will be using this product on a regular basis, no more smells in drains and has reduced blockages.      Beacon WA

Our septic system is only three years old on a new house and has always had a ‘smell’. Initially when we added the Triple 7 EnviroClear we could not notice a difference, however, after approx 10 weeks the odour has gone and water entering the drainage lines is clearer. I would recommend this product to those who have experienced a similar problem.       Benalla VIC

We had previously experienced odour issues, generating from our septic tank from time to time. We hadn’t used other products in the past to remedy the issue, & as such, cannot make any comparisons with competitor products. We can make the comment that we have not detected any odour associated with our septic tank since using the product in January this year. We have used the entire 5 litres over a 10 week period. The product has been placed into the sinks as well as directly into the external traps.      Bowen QLD

I live in a very old country house; the grey water is drained using 1½ gal pipe. The day before the offer the system blocked up. I tried in vain to clear the blockage using a fire fighting pump, it had not worked. I treated the system with Triple7 EnviroClear and IT WORKED! – No more blockages.      Delegate NSW

Triple7 improved my septic system in the following ways; Flow of water through household plumbing was quicker, and the septic odours were removed.       Meandarra QLD

My septic tank was close to full (3”) from the top. The overflow pipe to the trench was covered by some 18 inches, the bacteria action was not working properly. On 25.11.08, I started using Triple7 EnviroClear. By the third week a fermentation process began, solids were breaking down, now three months later the contents are back down to the overflow pipe, bad odours are gone, problem solved, no pump- out needed.       Mundubbera QLD

Cleared the odours and improved the efficiency of the drains and would recommend it.     Ravensthorpe WA

Improved odour and broke down almost overnight. I certainly will be reusing the product regularly.        Rockhampton QLD

I run a Waste Water Maintenance and Repair Business and have also been a Water / Waste Plant Operator for Local Government.  Recently our team has encountered several cases of misuse of household waste systems.  The plants have been damaged by excessive use of harmful chemicals.  The problems which have occurred have caused bacteria kill of resulting in odour and poor quality effluent issues.  In researching products to combat these issues, we came across the Triple7 EnviroClear product.  After testing this product for six months, I can say it has improved almost every system it has been used in (aerated waste systems and activated sludge systems).  Odour issues are gone and effluent quality is on the rise.  I think by using this product, you will find that the whole system becomes cleaner and easier to work on, resulting in less overall cost to the householder.      Waste Water Maintenance & Repair Service

Recently our team has encountered several cases of misuse of household waste systems. The plants have been damaged by excessive use of harmful chemicals. The problems which have occurred have caused bacteria kill off resulting in odour and poor quality effluent issues.
In researching products to combat these issues we came across the EnviroClear product “Triple7”. After testing this product for the last six months I can say that it has improved almost every system it has been used in. (Aerated Waste Systems & Activated Sludge Systems).  Odour issues are gone and effluent quality is on the rise. I think by using this product you will find that the whole system becomes cleaner and easier to work on, resulting in less overall costs to the householder.        Water/ Waste Plant operator

We used Triple7 EnviroClear to rid the laundry of an unpleasant odour which occurs back through the septic drainage. One cupful clears the unpleasant odour within one hour and seems to keep it at bay for around three weeks.      Wellington NSW

I have found that my septic /sullage system does not need to be pumped out now that I have used Triple7 EnviroClear. The transpiration lines seem to be working better.         Shepparton VIC

I used this product both down the toilet and drains. Within a week I had no odours coming up through the pipes. My grey water does not smell as bad as it used to.  Good product.      Loxton SA

We have a 12 year old house that is on septics with leach drains. These drains became partially blocked not long after the house was completed and have never operated correctly, causing smell and the need for the tanks to be pumped more frequently than I would like. It took about one week of using Triple7 EnviroClear at the prescribed amount to stop the smell. I am not sure of the long term effects as far as the drainage etc, but the odour benefits are well worth the cost of the product. Well done EnviroClear!      Narrogin WA

Reduced drain odours and also reduced odours at the twin tank system.       Junee NSW

I used Triple7 EnviroClear in a septic system and it fixed the smell. I also used as directed and only use a small amount of product. I am very happy with the product.         Irrigation Store WA

Triple7 EnviroClear helped clean drains and clear the sludge. The odour took a bit longer. Thank you for recommending the product to me.      Satisfied Homeowner WA

I don’t know what is in Triple7 EnviroClear, but it sure stops the septic and drains stinking!   I only use it now as needed, which is about every 3 months.      Store Owner WA

At our current house, we have a septic tank system which functions well as far as we can tell, except for sewer smells during heavy loadings.  We use one cup of Triple7 EnviroClear each time this occurs and achieve immediate odour removal.        Householder with new septic tank

I tried Triple7 EnviroClear on our septic system.  We never really had a problem but the product seems to have done what it had to do and I am confident that it has boosted the bacteria level.  I will keep using the product.        Hardware Store Owner

We had a gas problem in the septic and the system flooded.  We added Triple7 EnviroClear and it seemed to help.  We will keep using the product to use it up.      Gas problem in septic

I trialled Triple7 EnviroClear at home where I must say the smell from the toilet pipes was not pleasant.  I am pleased to say the product in my eyes (and nose) is a great success.  We no longer have that bad odour and we can have company around at our house without feeling embarrassed by the smell.  Triple7 EnviroClear is an absolute winner.       Busselton WA

I first used Triple7 EnviroClear at my home for treatment of our septic system.  At one stage we had a very unpleasant odour coming from the tanks, but since treating them with Triple7 EnviroClear, the problem has been eliminated.  We now treat the system at fairly regular intervals with great success.  Both of our neighbours are now using the product and I have recommended it to many others.       Bibra Lake WA

I have used your product in my home as a toilet and drain unblocker.  The results of the use of your product is that the toilet and drains have remained unblocked to this time.        Unblocked Drains

Removed the smell and reduced the amount of sludge in the bottom. Quite impressed.       Taroom QLD

We have been using Triple7 EnviroClear to assist in the breakdown of wet well toilet systems and for odour control. We have found the product to be very efficient – only requiring one cup per week. We recently had the system pumped out and there was a noticeable increase in the break-down of solids.      Tank Cleaning Contractor

I am happy to provide a testimonial for the product in relation to long drop and vault toilet applications. It controls and eliminates odours and is simple to use, whilst being very effective.      National Park Operator


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