Triple7 Metallic Touch – Truck Wash

A high performance, non-corrosive, readily biodegradable vehicle and truck wash.

  • High-Tech, Vehicle and Truck Wash
  • No Toxic or Hazardous Ingredients
  • Readily Biodegradable
  • Non-Reactive to Surfaces
  • Safe to Use, Store and Dispose of
  • Australian Made

Triple7 Metallic Touch truck wash is a powerful cleaning solution that lifts soiling off vehicles and equipment while protecting the paintwork.



3rd Party Tested – 100% efficacy for quick break and 100% cleaning efficacy!    ask us for the certificate




Triple7 Metallic Touch can be used in many applications including:

  • Vehicle and Truck Wash
  • Metal Surface Cleaning
  • Equipment Cleaning
  • Protects duco, plastic, rubber, aluminium & metal surfaces
  • Tough on bugs, grime and brake dust

Standard Dilution Rates:

Work in the shade or ensure the cleaning surface is cool. Pre-treat insects, wheels, tyres, brake dust, tar, grease & badly contaminated areas – Mix 40ml of Triple7 Metallic Touch truck wash in a 2 litre bucket and spray. Allow to stand 15 minutes for the pre-wash to penetrate, scrubbing if necessary. Repeat if required.

For all-over washing, mix a solution of Triple7 Metallic Touch truck wash with water, using the guidelines for dilution rates. Use a mop, sponge or soft broom, apply the product, washing from bottom up to the top to prevent streaking. Allow to stand for 10 minutes and follow by a light water rinse, spraying from the top of the vehicle downwards.

Truck washing – Dilute product 1:10. Apply with a soft brush to remove road grime, insects, soot etc. Rinse clean without using excessive amounts of water. Any un-rinsed residual will protect paintwork and resist soiling.

Wheels, insects, tar, engines etc. – Product can be used neat, or dilute between 1:2 and 1:5. Spray on, leave for 10 minutes and rinse. Pressure wash if necessary.

Windscreen washers – Add 10 – 30ml to washer bottle.

Interiors – carpets, leather seats, & plastics. – Dilute product 1:20. Spray on, lightly scrub with a soft brush and wipe-over as needed. Towel dry to remove moisture and dirt. Will also remove most offensive odours from interiors.

The above dilutions are guidelines only and ratios can be adjusted according to surface grime.

Improves Business

Better Results, Safer Assets, Lower Cost


Triple7 Metallic Touch truck wash removes the toughest deposits, it has good foaming and is not affected by water hardness.  It cleans glass as well as the rest of the vehicle exterior, reducing required inventory and wash time.

Safe for Equipment

Unlike traditional cleaners, Triple7 Metallic Touch truck wash does not ‘burn’ off soil or require brushing to clean but uses a unique natural cleaning action which lifts the the soil so that it can be washed away without damaging the cleaning surface.   The product may be left to dry on paintwork or metal surfaces and can be used un-diluted, without fear of decreasing gloss or shine. Triple7 Metallic Touch truck wash may be used on all surfaces including duco, glass, chrome, stainless steel, plexi-glass, rubbers, plastics, vinyl & canvas.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Triple7 Metallic Touch truck wash is a highly concentrated product that is used at a low dilution rate. It keeps vehicles & trucks cleaner for a longer period, thus reducing the frequency of vehicle and truck washing. The product is easy to apply which also helps to reduce labour costs.

Improve Equipment Performance

Triple7 Metallic Touch truck wash is free of inorganic salts that contribute to high salt loadings in run-off water. The product is a natural oil/water separator and wash-down helps keep drains clean and odour free, along with enhanced oil/water separation and system performance.

Save on Disposal & Trade Waste Costs

Triple7 Metallic Touch truck wash does not contain toxic or hazardous components and the product can be flushed with water through sewage systems, reducing disposal and trade waste costs. However, wash-down effluent may contain high levels of contaminants and we advise liaison with government authorities before releasing to sewage or storm water.

Enhances Truck Fleet Appearance

Leaves surfaces clean & shiny without waxes or synthetics.  Triple7 Metallic Touch truck wash also continues to repel dirt particles from the surface after it has been cleaned, making it look cleaner for longer.

No Special Storage Requirements

Triple7 Metallic Touch truck wash has no Hazchem rating so it needs no special storage areas, lowering the cost of transport, handling and storage.

Easy to Apply

Spray on the Triple7 Metallic Touch truck wash, allow to stand, scrub if necessary and rinse free with water.

Improves Lives

Health, Safety and Environmental Benefits

Safe for your Workers

Triple7 Metallic Touch truck wash does not contain chemicals determined by the EPA or OH&S to be carcinogenic or suspected carcinogens, therefore you are preventing future litigation claims.

Enhances Workplace Safety

You can replace hazardous products without changing equipment or procedures and because Triple7 Metallic Touch truck wash is free of hazardous air pollutants and toxic chemicals, it is safe to use in confined areas.

Safe for the Environment

Triple7 Metallic Touch truck wash contains no ozone depleting chemicals or hazardous air pollutants and is readily biodegradable. Furthermore, Triple7 Metallic Touch truck wash will not upset the balance of nature’s ecosystems and you will have no problem with run-off polluting our waterways unless it has been contaminated by the equipment it is cleaning.

Improves Innovation

Enables New Applications


Because Triple7 Metallic Touch truck wash is non-corrosive, it is safe for metals, rubber and virtually all other surfaces.  The product may be left to dry on paintwork or metal surfaces and can be used un-diluted, without fear of decreasing gloss or shine.

Multiple Cleaning Functions

Triple7 Metallic Touch truck wash cleans glass and rubber as well as metal surfaces, reducing required inventory and wash time.  Triple7 Metallic Touch truck wash may be used on all surfaces including duco, glass, chrome, stainless steel, plexi-glass, rubbers, plastics, vinyl & canvas.


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Accreditations & Testimonials

Accreditations & Approvals

3rd Party Tested – 100% efficacy for quick break and 100% cleaning efficacy!    ask us for the certificate


We have been using your Triple7 Metallic Touch truck wash for ten months now, and have found it to perform equally as well as any of the degreasers we have used in the past. We are very pleased to inform the EPA and other bodies that we are using your organic cleaner as the cleaners we have used in the past require addition of hydrocarbons to make them work properly. Yours does the job without any of these additives.     VACC Commercial Vehicle Specialist, Victoria.

I am a car buff and I am impressed … Our Korean car has been regularly washed using Triple7 Metallic Touch, and I’d like to tell you about it.
The car is now 5 years old and though I don’t polish it, it looks like it has been. The paint has good metallic glow, is smooth and it looks much better than some more expensive vehicles. I wash it using a soft broom and small brush, and rinse lightly as I understand I don’t have to worry about residuals causing paint etches, etc.
Our car is not treated with any special care, other than to wash it with Triple7 Metallic Touch. We live in a coastal town on a dirt road, have no garage or carport and the car has over 180,000 kms on the clock. But you would never guess if you ran your hand over the paint work.  I tend to be a car buff, and I’m impressed.      Country car owner, Victoria.

I have a fifteen year old red, non-metallic car – the entire paint surface on this car looked aged and shabby. Sections on a door panel and the bonnet were badly oxidised and thought to be unrepairable.  After being washed 8 times with a 10% dilution of Triple7 Metallic Touch. The door area was improved, restoring shine and smoothness. There was a small improvement to the bonnet (being too oxidised to be restored as effectively as the door section).  In each case, there were visible improvements in gloss level and appearance. Triple7 Metallic Touch improved the overall smoothness of the vehicle surface, restoring mild oxidisation and removing grit and road grime.  My car looks at least 6 years younger!   Car Owner

I used Triple7 Metallic Touch to clean my black metallic car, using 500ml in 6 litres of water. I washed using a hand mitt, rinsed and wiped it over. An immediate improvement in appearance was noticed.    Proud Car Owner

I have a three year old, metallic silver car which I used to wash regularly at an automatic car wash. I trialed Triple7 Metallic Touch to clean the vehicle over a period of weeks, using 80ml-150ml of product in 7 litres of water each time. The clear coat showed noticeable improvement in gloss level within a few washes, restoring most of the dullness caused by the auto wash.    Now a manual car washer!


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