Purasolve Bitumen Remover

Purasolve Bitumen Remover is an easy to apply, safe solvent specially formulated to break down and remove bitumen.

• Non-Toxic
• Safe and Easy to Use
• Concentrated and Effective
• Derived from Renewable Resources
• Safe for Your Workers
• Biodegradable
• Australian Made



Purasolve Bitumen Remover can be used on all equipment associated with the application of bitumen and asphalt.
It also removes bitumen from concrete, pavings, curbs, and brick.
Purasolve Bitumen Remover can be used as a protective coating to prevent bitumen adhering to surfaces.


How to use

Best results can be achieved once dust and mud have been removed, and the
surface allowed to dry.

1. Apply Purasolve Bitumen Remover with a handheld pressure sprayer and allow
to penetrate for 15 to 20 minutes.
2. Rinse off with high pressure spray preferably using hot water.
3. Heavily encrusted areas may need a second application to allow Purasolve
Bitumen Remover to penetrate fully.


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