ActiveEco ActiPlus

  • Radical Cleaning Strength
  • High-Tech Speciality Penetrating Agents
  • Top Cleaning Performance on a Wide Spectrum of Soil Types
  • Easily Removes Greases, Oils, Carbon Build-Ups & Automotive Soiling
  • Low Odour Formula
  • Highly Concentrated


ActiveEco ActiPlus is a super strength, low odour surfactant degreaser designed for removing tough soil and carbon build-ups.

The high-tech surfactant system contains speciality penetrating agents along with a powerful alkali blend providing top cleaning performance on a wide spectrum of soil types.



For Professional Use Only

ActiveEco ActiPlus is ideally suited as a degreaser and cleaner for use on automotive engines and chassis, heavy equipment, oxidised metals and resilient flooring.

Excellent in applications such as

  • Mechanics
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Building cleaning & maintenance
  • Aquatic & Sporting Centres
  • Plant & Equipment maintenance
  • Road & Rail
  • Aviation
  • Marine
  • Farm Equipment & Buildings

ActiveEco ActiPlus is excellent for chemically polishing oxidised metals and painted surfaces and restoring them to ‘as new’ condition. This includes items such as stainless steel tanks, machinery and building fixtures, .

The solution is also great for use in commercial floor scrubbers to clean and degrease heavy grime from floors and streetscapes.

ActiveEco ActiPlus is great for general building maintenance to degrease and clean masonry, metals, timber and most hard surfaces. It is ideal for stripping away sap and grey oxidised timber residue.

It effectively removes animal manure in farming and breeding applications.

When diluted with water ActiveEco ActiPlus is an incredible economical product, working extremely quickly and effectively.


> Dilute 1 part ActiveEco ActiPlus with 60 to 120 parts water, depending on the severity of soiling.

> Apply solution using a clean mop and bucket.

> Agitate heavily soiled areas using a stiff brush or slow speed rotary scrubber.

> Allow 10 minutes dwell time.

> Rinse thoroughly with water.

ActiveEco ActiPlus is corrosive and appropriate care should be exercised including the use of suitable protective gloves, goggles and protective clothing and warning signage.
Read and understand the MSDS before use.
Always pre-test in an inconspicuous location for sensitivity to chemicals and avoid contact with aluminium surfaces, painted surfaces or coated floors.


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