ActiveEco ActiResist

  • Radical Cleaning Strength
  • Powerful Combination Cleaning Action
  • Effective on a Wide Spectrum of Soiling and Greases
  • Removes Pindan
  • Low Odour Formula
  • Highly Concentrated


ActiveEco ActiResist is a high-tech multi-actioncleaner and degreaser developed for removing pindan, tough soil and grease build-ups on metal, oxidised paint and masonry surfaces.



For Professional Use Only

ActiveEco ActiResist is designed for use as a powerful cleaner and degreaser in heavy industries.

Excellent in applications such as;

  • Vehicle & Equipment Maintenance
  • Shower Blocks
  • Mechanics
  • Building Cleaning & Development
  • Rail
  • Tanks & Shipping Containers
  • Aviation
  • Pindan Removal
  • Any Metal Cleaning application

ActiveEco ActiResist effectively cleans and brightens metal and oxidised painted surfaces.

Powerfully removes petroleum based greases, dirts, fatty materials, environment soiling, diesel fumes, oils, greases and other contaminants from almost any hard surface.

ActiveEco ActiResist can also be used for deoxidising dull, soiled and blemished metals – restoring and brightening metals to their original lustre.


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All Variations

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ActiveEco ActiResist 5LActiveEco ActiResist – 5 LAERST-55 L
ActiveEco ActiResist 15LActiveEco ActiResist – 15 LAERST-1515 L
ActiveEco ActiResist 200LActiveEco ActiResist – 200 LAERST-200200 L