Transportable Solvent Parts Washer

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The Purasolve Heavy Duty Transportable Solvent Parts Washers are designed for use in automotive and industrial workshops. These lowline cleaning systems utilise Purasolve Safety solvents that are low-hazard, recyclable, and more cost-effective than traditional solvents.

For best results, use Purasolve Parts Cleaner with the Purasolve Heavy Duty Transportable Solvent Parts Washer.


The Purasolve Heavy Duty Transportable Solvent Parts Washers come with wheels and a slim design, making them ideal for rolling under vehicles for easier and more convenient maintenance.


The Transportable Solvent Parts Washer is designed for parts cleaning in automotive and industrial workshops, using non-flammable kerosene type solvents as a cleaning agent.

ModelPSL5PW – Purasolve PSL5 Lowline Parts Washer
Length (inside) mm1000
Width (inside) mm700
Height (to top) mm255
Drum Size (litres)40 (Sump)
Pump PowerAir
Pump Output (LPM)10
Light FittedNo
Castors AvailableStandard
Filter TypeNo
Cat Part No
Metal Gauge1.6mm

Improves Lives

Health, Safety and Environmental Benefits

Protects Your Health

Using Purasolve Safety Solvents in this parts washer reduces toxic offgassing and risks from dangerous solvents.

Enhances Workplace Safety

You can replace hazardous products without compromising performance or efficiency.

Be Recognised

The Purasolve range, as opposed to other cleaning compounds, is environmentally compliant. Installations and units who currently use Purasolve products have frequently been nominated for and have received a variety of prestigious awards.

Improves Innovation

Enables New Applications

The Purasolve Parts Cleaning safety solvent is a high flash point, slow evaporating parts clean-ing solvent which is non-hazardous and non-dangerous. It has a very low odour and low vapour pressure, making it an extremely user-friendly solvent.

Purasolve Parts Cleaning Solvent gives users the benefit of solvent cleaning without the hazards. It does not contain bacteria, eliminating the risk of disease propagation, and is sol-vent-based, which provides corrosion protection for parts being cleaned.


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