Purasolve PS6 Parts Washer Kit

The Purasolve PS6 Parts Washer Kit comes complete with the Purasolve PS6 Parts Washer, Purasolve Filter System and 3 x Purasolve Parts Cleaner SK 20L drums.

This is a complete kit to get started and cleaning with the Purasolve PS6 Parts Washer.

NSN 4940-66-164-5874 

To learn more as to the individual items, please visit the individual product pages:

The Parts Washer: Purasolve PS6 Parts Washer

The solvent: Purasolve Parts Cleaner SK

The filter system: Purasolve Filter Kit



OVERVIEW on the Parts Washer & Non-Flammable Solvent


FEATURES of the PS6 Parts Washer


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