Purasolve HP75 High-Pressure Parts Washer

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The Purasolve High-Pressure Parts Washers are ideal for cleaning parts quickly and efficiently without the need for dangerous solvents. The units were designed with the ease of use, power savings, time savings and overall cost effectiveness in mind.

The ultimate in operator comfort, the Purasolve High-Pressure Parts Washers are built to an ergonomic working height, and is fitted with flexible neoprene gloves to keep the operator’s hands clean and out of the cleaning solution. The operator simply slips hands into the gloves and directs the cleaning fluid stream at the parts.

This coupled with fast heat-up, illuminated cabinet, automatic window clearing blower, adjustable nozzle and a safe and convenient air-actuated on/off foot pedal results in increased efficiency.

A 150 mesh filter traps solids and continuously filters the cleaning fluid. The enhanced window blow-off utilises air-knife technology for keeping the window clear for easy viewing of the cleaning process. The front opening door is hinged allowing full access to the entire cleaning chamber.

The adjustable hand-held spray nozzle can be set to a wide fan or pinpoint stream to direct cleaning power and force where needed.
The fully enclosed cleaning process uses high pressure jets of cleaning fluid to efficiently power-clean parts without using grit or abrasives which risk damage to precision machined parts.

The Purasolve High Pressure Parts Washers are constructed from Stainless Steel for longer life in heavy duty industrial applications.

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