Purasolve EverSafe Atomiser – 750mL Aluminium Sprayer with Adjustable Nozzle

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Re-fillable spray units and Power-Fill re-fill station

A safer and smarter alternative to traditional aerosols.

  • Cost effective alternative to aerosols
  • Save money with bulk chemicals
  • Easy to use sprayers
  • Two convenient sizes available
  • Pressurised with air
  • No harmful propellants
  • Quick and easy to re-fill atomisers
  • Reduce empty aerosol can wastage

NSN 6530-66-163-7114 – 750mL Aerosol



Purasolve Eversafe is a rechargeable aerosol spray system capable of atomising a wide range of chemicals and solvents.

A single Purasolve Eversafe unit can replace virtually all your aerosol products with lower cost bulk chemicals. The system is endlessly reusable and eliminates the hazardous waste caused by aerosol can use. Unlike disposable spray cans, it uses only inert compressed air as propellant which drastically reduces fire and explosion risks compared to traditional aerosols.

Manual Refilling

The simplest way to use Purasolve EverSafe on a small scale is to fill the canister manually and pressurise with a standard pressurised air supply. Any standard workshop air compressor can be used.

Power-fill Station

For larger scale workshops and high volume use the Purasolve Power-Fill station can be used to automatically fill Eversafe dispensers without the need to disassemble the sprayer – the Purasolve Power-Fill station delivers a standardised amount of chemical to the sprayer along with the required amount of compressed air.

Usage Instructions

Simply fill the Purasolve EverSafe canister manually and pressurise with a standard pressurised air supply, or fill and pressurise using a Purasolve Power-Fill station. Then use Purasolve EverSafe in the manner of a regular aerosol.

Adjustable nozzles allow for the customisation of the spray stream from mist to pin stream.

Only non-reactive, non-hazardous chemical products are suitable. Units are not recommended for use with paint, acids or products intended to etch or attack metal surfaces.


Refilling is quick and easy. For manual refilling simply unscrew the top and pour in the product.

For automated refilling and pressurising in seconds, use Purasolve Power-Fill. Each unit has chemical resistant seals to avoid leaks and damage over time. The Purasolve Power-Fill can be fitted with a fill monitoring system, such as a swipe card, to record re-fill activity.


Unlike aerosols, Purasolve EverSafe does not use toxic and dangerous chemicals, such as propane and butane, as propellants. Compressed air pressurises the units, so the only thing that is released is the product.

When used with approved safe chemical substitutes and lubricants, Purasolve EverSafe keeps workplaces free of toxic, harmful and dangerous vapours.

The EverSafe canisters are thoroughly tested to withstand six to seven times the pressure of most air compressors, to ensure there is no risk of explosion. The failure rate track record of these units in the field is 0%.

Eco-friendly & Sustainable

Purasolve EverSafe reduces empty aerosol can waste. Some empty cans may be classified as dangerous and require special disposal.

This solution requires no carbon dioxide, butane or propane propellants which are greenhouses gases that contribute to global warming and smog.


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