Envirofluid 1.5L Foamer

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This 1.5L pump-up foaming dispenser is ideal for maximum portability for smaller jobs that require chemical foaming. It has an ergonomic design, making it easy to use with one hand from virtually any angle. Application is simple with the help of the comfortable grip handle and easy-to-reach, quick on/off trigger. The chemical container features a view strip to make product-level identification easy.

The 1.5 pump-up foamer is designed to be used with our Triple7 product range where foam is desired.


This pump up foamer is ideal for use in remote locations where water hoses can’t reach. Adding pressurised air to the pre-mixed chemicals creates a thick, shaving cream-like, clinging foam unmatched by non-compressed air foamers.

Key Features

  • For chemical foaming applications
  • Allows the operator to clean faster and more efficiently in any foaming situation
  • For use in industrial, food and beverage, military and transport industries


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