In the ever-evolving world of heavy-duty cleaning, our valued clients have come to rely on effective products to keep their hands clean and free from stubborn contaminants. In the past, a trusted favourite in the workshop was a solid hand cleaner that we all knew and loved. However, as times have changed and preferences have evolved, these familiar bars have become a thing of the past.

Here at Envirofluid, we understand the needs and concerns of our clients. We’ve taken your feedback to heart and identified a unique opportunity in the market that has been left unaddressed since those classic hand-cleaning bars disappeared.

The Shift to Liquid Hand Cleaners

The disappearance of those beloved hand cleaner bars left many of our customers looking for alternatives. The most common replacements are in the form of liquid hand cleaners, which have their own set of advantages. However, they may not fully satisfy those who appreciate the tactile experience of the traditional solid bars.

Introducing GritMitts – A Modern Solution

At Envirofluid, we are excited to introduce GritMitts, a contemporary and efficient response to the changing demands of our valued clients. GritMitts retains the grit and cleaning power of the classic solid hand cleaners while addressing the contemporary challenges we face.

Multiple Formats for Your Convenience

GritMitts is available in various formats to cater to your diverse needs:

    • GritMitts Bar: For those who have missed the tactile feel and convenience of a solid hand cleaner, GritMitts is available in a solid bar format.
    • 500ml: The 500ml liquid format offers a user-friendly bottle for personal use or smaller workshop settings.
    • 5L and 20L: For large-scale industrial environments, GritMitts is available in larger containers to meet the high cleaning demands of workshops and garages.

Embracing Modern Sustainability

GritMitts acknowledges the significance of environmental responsibility. Our formula is designed to deliver powerful cleaning results without relying on harsh chemicals. It’s an eco-friendly solution for those who care not only about their hands but also about the environment.

Reconnecting with Tradition

GritMitts is more than just a product; it’s a bridge between tradition and modernism. We understand that some habits are hard to let go, and the familiar feel of a solid hand cleaner is essential to many of our clients. By offering a bar format, we ensure you don’t miss out on the efficiency and tactile experience you’ve come to appreciate.

In a changing world, GritMitts stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering effective, user-friendly, and eco-conscious solutions. Whether you’re an experienced mechanic, an industrial worker, or a dedicated hobbyist, GritMitts is here to meet your hand-cleaning needs.

Envirofluid is proud to be your partner in maintaining cleanliness, safety, and environmental responsibility. With GritMitts, you can enjoy a familiar, efficient, and eco-conscious hand cleaner that adapts to the modern age. It’s a small change that makes a significant difference in your daily work routine.