Dirt roads may be essential in certain environments, but the accompanying dust isn’t. Fortunately, Triple7 Dust Suppression Plus brings effective control to these loose surfaces, busting dust and ensuring cleaner, safer roads. Thankfully, there’s a new solution on the block – Triple7 Dust Suppression Plus – and it’s changing the way we deal with this dusty dilemma.

Dust: More Than Just a Dirty Word

The problems with dust go far beyond the inconvenience of extra cleaning. When dust kicks up, it can severely impact air quality, leading to respiratory issues and other health concerns for people living nearby. For the environment, the relentless settling of dust on vegetation can hinder plant growth and affect local wildlife. Traditional methods of dust control, like regular watering or chemical treatments, often provide only temporary relief or come with their own set of environmental downsides.

Enter Triple7 Dust Suppression Plus: A Breath of Fresh Air

Triple7 Dust Suppression Plus stands out as a game-changer in the fight against road dust. This innovative solution is not just effective; it’s also eco-friendly, designed to minimize the environmental footprint while maximizing dust suppression. Its secret lies in its ability to keep the road surface moist longer than water alone, preventing dust from becoming airborne in the first place.

The Triple7 Dust Suppression Plus Solution

Triple7 Dust Suppression Plus distinguishes itself by creating a durable crust on the surface of dirt roads. This crust acts as a barrier, preventing the fine particles of dust from being kicked up by vehicles or the wind. The secret lies in Triple7’s innovative formula, which, when applied, penetrates the surface and binds with the soil to form a stable, non-toxic crust that significantly reduces dust emissions.

The Clear Advantages of Triple7 Dust Suppression Plus

The benefits of using Triple7 Dust Suppression Plus are clear:

  • Healthier communities: By significantly reducing dust levels, Triple7 Dust Suppression Plus helps protect residents from the health risks associated with poor air quality.
  • Environmental protection: Triple7 Dust Suppression Plus eco-friendly formula ensures that tackling dust doesn’t come at the expense of the planet.
  • Long-term savings: With its long-lasting effects, Triple7 reduces the need for frequent reapplications, saving both time and resources in maintaining rural and remote roads.

Application of Triple7 Dust Suppression Plus on dirt roads helps control dust in an environmentally friendly way. Its unique ‘sticky’ property ensures the dust control lasts long even under heavy traffic. 

Moreover, it possesses a unique characteristic. It doesn’t affect tyre traction while managing dust effectively. So, if you’re dealing with dust on dirt roads, Triple7 Dust Suppression Plus might just be the game-changer you need. Its application results in dust-free roads, promoting safer travel for vehicles and pedestrians alike. 

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Imagine a dust suppression method that avoids clogging your water carts while doing the required job efficiently. This is not a fantasy anymore, thanks to Triple7 Dust Suppression Plus! A bio-based technology, it enhances the capabilities of water carts and takes dust suppression to the next level.

Triple7 Dust Suppression Plus contains no polymer components, preventing blockages in spray nozzles and cannons, a pesky problem often associated with conventional dust suppressants. Instead, it mixes well with water for easy, hassle-free application.

Moreover, Triple7 Dust Suppression Plus comes with an added advantage – it won’t discolour your machinery. Traditional suppressants often contain a green polymer-based dye, which stains machines. However, with Triple7 Dust Suppression Plus, rest assured your equipment stays as good as new!




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