Reasons to Use Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser

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Cleaning a greasy mechanical part



Work safety and better environmental outcomes are some of the reasons to use Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser.



In many industries, particularly the automotive service, workshops, garages and other heavy industries, degreasing is a regular and critical part of the job. Aside from maintaining the form and appearance of vehicles and equipment, removing oils, grease and other soiling ensures that your assets are kept in top shape and will remain in good working condition for a long time to come.



Whilst traditional industrial degreasers can be effective in cleaning and degreasing, they usually contain substances that are toxic, posing health and safety risks to your workers and negatively affecting the environment through contaminated wastewater. Some examples of the problematic ingredients present in common industrial degreasers include alkaline builders, toxic surfactants and solvents, and emulsifiers.



These substances can harm people, damage equipment, and pollute the environment through wastewater contamination.



Benefits of Using Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser



Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser has been formulated to replace toxic and dangerous common industrial degreasers. Read on to find out why you should switch now:



  • Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser is safer for people.



It is a biobased and Worksafe product. It is free from strong corrosive acids, toxins and allergens, creating safer and more pleasant working environments.



  • Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser is eco-friendly.



This product is biodegradable, contains no ozone-depleting substances or hazardous air pollutants, making it a safer degreaser than its traditional counterparts.



  • Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser provides better results at a lower cost.



Because it is highly concentrated, you use less product to achieve optimal results. The product does not contain harsh chemicals so your equipment and assets will also last longer. Moreover, businesses can save money from reduced transport, handling and storage costs since this multi-use degreaser is considered as non-hazardous and non-dangerous.



Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser Applications



As a multi-use degreaser, Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser is ideal for cleaning metal surfaces and various equipment, degreasing in workshops, and removal of oils and grime.


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