Reasons to Use GritMitts Soap


Whether you work in the automotive industry, construction, plumbing, mining, or other similar jobs, you are bound to get your hands dirty using tools and machinery all day every day. Grease, grime, and all types of dirt can cling to your hands and removing them at the end of the workday can seem like another job all on its own. You need a hand soap like GritMitts to remove things like paint, resin, inks and solvents, ingrained dirt, grease, and other stubborn stains and odours without difficulty.

A Cut Above the Rest

Whilst there are various hand soaps out in the market, GritMitts provides numerous benefits over other products:

  1. Powerful cleaning – GritMitts utilizes the combined power of pumice grit and the deep cleaning strength of natural citrus oils for heavy-duty performance.
  2. Tough on dirt, gentle on skin – The product, while highly effective against different types of soiling, is gentle on skin and leaves hands feeling great with the help of moisturizers.
  3. Contains no harsh chemicals – GritMitts cleans hands easily and quickly without the potential irritation that can be caused by harmful chemicals.
  4. Versatile – The product can be used for a variety of applications aside from washing hands; it can remove grime from most surfaces including fabrics, vinyl, BBQ grills and ovens!
  5. Affordable and cost-effective – GritMitts sells for less than $5. And because it is highly effective at removing soiling, you need less water and less energy to get hands and surfaces clean.
  6. You also don’t need a lot of different products because GritMitts does it all!
  7. Australian-Made – GritMitts is Australian-Made so you can be sure it is made from high quality materials, and with excellence and customer satisfaction in mind.

Get Rid of Dirt Easier

You already have hard jobs that leave you covered with grime and dust, you don’t want to spend more time than is necessary cleaning up at the end of the day. Let GritMitts make your lives easier by getting rid of the dirt and sweat quickly after a hard day’s work!


Multi-Purpose Soap Bar



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