Queensland Mining & Engineering Exhibition | Mackay 2014


Envirofluid is dedicated to reducing Health & Safety risks, and WHS and environmental compliance costs in the Mining, Resource, Oil & Gas Industries.  We are attending QME to educate managers and decision makers on why safer cleaning substances mean easier and more efficient handling, increasing productivity and reducing waste.

Envirofluid is an industry leader in Work Safe and Environmentally Compliant chemicals. Our pioneering range of products improves lives, improves business and drives innovation by providing powerful yet safe and cost effective alternatives to some of the world’s most commonly used toxic and dangerous chemicals.  In many mining situations our chemicals improve oil/water separation and wastewater systems to the point where the water can be reused for dust suppression, saving on water procurement costs.  The hydrocarbon level that is satisfactory for re using water as a dust suppressant is 15ppm (parts per million), however, our customers are achieving hydrocarbon levels as low as 0.75ppm!  An almost perfect separation.

Envirofluid’s Mining & Resource Manager, Paul Butcher, is also presenting to delegates in the TechTalk space on Wednesday 23rd at 11am.  The focus of the presentation is Workplace Safety – How it helps Increase Productivity & Drive Down Costs.


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