Purasolve Parts Washers: Rental Options

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Our range of Purasolve Parts Washers are safe to use, cost-effective and built for heavy duty applications. When used with Purasolve Parts Cleaning Solvents and the Purasolve Filter Kit, businesses are able to recycle solvents for an extensive period of time resulting in a significant reduction in solvent use and waste disposal costs.

Envirofluid provides rental options to fit the needs of businesses who want the benefits provided by Purasolve Parts Washers without the upfront costs. We have a wide range of Purasolve Parts Washers available with rental costs starting at $140.00 per month with a minimum contract period of 2 years.

The Purasolve rental contract includes the following benefits:

  • 6 Monthly onsite service and maintenance
    • Replacement solvent liquid(40L)/powder(20kg)
    • Replacement filters
    • Maintenance & service training
    • Service reports
    • Optional Access to an Online Asset Management Portal
    • Full Transparency on Operating Costs

Estimated Cost Savings Per Parts Washer (Rented vs. Owned)

Buying a parts washer outright is normally the same price as paying for a rented unit for 3 years, which means that after 3 years of renting, businesses will end up paying more than if they had purchased the unit.

Purasolve Parts Washers have a track record of lasting well over 10 years so wear and tear is not a cost disadvantage with owning the parts washer over renting.

However, for those who opt for renting a parts washer, this comes with the added benefit of free cleaning fluid and filters (depending on the unit), which has been taken into consideration with the 3-year payoff time.

Estimated Cost Savings by Investing in a Parts Washer

If the average employee is spending even just 1 hour per day cleaning parts at a cost to you of $40 per hour, then look at the costs of manual cleaning and then the savings of renting a Purasolve Rotary Parts Washer. Or if you buy the unit outright, using these labour calculations, the unit would be paid off in just over a year.

PeriodLabour CostPurasolve CostSavings
Per day$40$29$11 / day
Per week$200$145$55 / week
Per month$880$578$302 / month
Per year$10480$6936$3544 / year
* Costs based on average workdays per month and year.
* Costs based on a Purasolve PSR900 Rotary Parts Washer

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