Our safety solvent range offers low hazard alternatives to common hazardous and dangerous industrial solvents.

The Purasolve range introduces replacements for dangerous and toxic products such as MEK, Acetone, Gun Wash, and products containing benzene and its derivatives.

In the high health, safety and environmental regulations of today, these safety solvents offer users both reduced environmental compliance costs and health and safety risks. They have high flash points, and low vapour pressure’s, making them the safest solvent alternatives available for applications such as parts washing, paint equipment cleaning, surface preparation, brake cleaning and more.

Working with you to achieve your safety and environmental standards.


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MEK: A Chemical with Controversial Uses

MEK is a highly flammable solvent widely used in industrial processes. It is criticised for its potential health and environmental impacts.


Purasolve Parts Cleaner Delivers Remarkable Results at Dewaxing Trial

Purasolve Parts Cleaner was used at a trial at a dewaxing trial and delivered remarkable results, providing a safer way to clean parts and equipment.


Are Solvent Emissions the New Asbestos?

Asbestos exposure has been the no. 1 cause of work-related deaths in the world. Solvent exposure may also result in health and safety risks for …


Solutions for Paraffin Wax in Oil Wells

Purasolve PWD is a solvent product that dissolves paraffin and asphaltene deposits. It is the ideal solution for paraffin wax in oil wells.


Purasolve Weapons Cleaner Provides Excellent Results for the Defence Armoury Department

With help from Envirofluid, the Armoury department achieved excellent weapons cleaning results without compromising worker health and safety. 3-4 weapons can now be cleaned in …


Why You Should Stop Using Avgas in Your Parts Washers

Make sure your parts cleaning product is safe! There was a workplace incident where an 18 year old was burnt as a result of a …


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