Weapons Cleaning

Purasolve weapons and gun cleaning systems drastically decrease the inefficiencies of traditional weapons cleaning practices. A single deployable weapons cleaning unit is capable of saving thousands of man-hours per week allowing commanders utilise personnel for much more valuable tasks.

Purasolve weapons and gun cleaning solvents are non-dangerous, low VOC and will not damage sensitive weapons parts.

Our Weapons and Gun Cleaner can be used for:

  • Weapons cleaning systems
  • Metal Cleaning
  • Weapons wipe down



​Envirofluid custom-builds Weapons Cleaning Stations for clients with weapons and parts cleaning applications.

Purasolve Custom Weapons Wash units are custom built wash stations for cleaning of hand-held weapons in an environmentally responsible way.

The system utilises the Nato Stock Numbered Purasolve Weapons Cleaner safety solvent, and a multi-filtration recycling system for economical and effective weapons parts cleaning. A flush hose provides freshly filtered solvent at all times and weapons parts can be cleaned using the hand-held brush and the flush hose on the metal cleaning shelf, or soaked in the solvent bath beneath the removable shelf.

Cleaning fluid is filtered through the sludge catchment tray filter blocks before being pumped through the dual micro-glass filtration filters for re-use.


Purasolve Custom Weapons Wash Unit operates at 230V, 50 Hz, 5A Max,

Fluid capacity for the Purasolve Custom Weapons Wash Unit is 100 to 120 litres maximum;

The maximum weight that can be placed on the cleaning tray is 12kg

The Purasolve Custom Weapons Wash Unit is designed to be used with Purasolve Weapons Cleaner NSN 6850-66-163-7352 to provide superior cleaning ability and solvent recyclability.


The Purasolve weapons cleaning solvent and integral micro-filtration unit are especially designed to work together to reduce waste disposal costs and enable easier maintenance.

Filtering the Purasolve solvent down to less than 1 micron, the filtration system effectively removes oils and greases that are washed off the parts and dissolved in the cleaning solution.

Solvent life extension becomes easy, effective and predictable, resulting in significant savings in through-life costs, along with protecting the health of the user. These filters are for use only with Purasolve safety solvents, which will dramatically extend the solvent life. Always remove excess oil and grease before cleaning parts.


Read all of these SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS in the manual BEFORE installing or using this equipment.

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