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Purasolve parts washers are high-performance parts cleaners designed for ease of use, time savings, power savings, and overall cost-effectiveness.

When combined with Purasolve solvents our parts washing units drastically reduce solvent use, waste disposal and running cost for almost any business that uses solvents regularly.

Our industrial parts washers have enabled many businesses to recycle solvents for months and even years, saving thousands of dollars per unit and untold damage to the environment.

Our range of parts washers includes bath style parts washers, rotary parts washers, high-pressure parts washers, and agitating parts washers. Parts washer accessories are also available, including parts washer filters, filter kits, and parts washer solvents. We can also design and build custom parts washers if required.

The Purasolve Parts Washers are available for purchase or rental.

Download the Purasolve parts cleaning overview brochure.

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