Odour Removal

Our odour removal products contain zero fragrances or masking agents making them free of the unnecessary toxins often found in other products.

Our odour control range works by purifying and treating wastewater, reducing the amount of odour producing bi-products that are released.

Besides treating odour problems our range is designed to increase performance in waste water systems and upstream pipe work by improving water quality. These non-toxic formulations will not harm natural bacteria in septic systems and are also safe for release into mains sewers and industrial treatments plants.

Odour Removal

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Grand Opening of Sewerage Upgrade by Victorian Premier Denis Napthine

Envirofluid supplied and installed an Odour Control System as part of a sewerage upgrade in south west Victoria, improving the quality of water and sewage treatment.




Eliminating H2S Gas and Associated Risks with Minimal Capital Outlay | Water Authority

This Water Authority has reduced the levels of H2S gas dramatically. The authority was experiencing unacceptable levels of H2S and were getting complaints from the community … they were looking at a major upgrade worth $150,000, but were able to eliminate the issue by simply dosing in Triple7 Odour Control Plus.




Eliminating Odours from Public Toilets whilst Removing Toxic Chemicals – Shire Council

By substituting their cleaning chemicals with Triple7 Odour Control, a Shire Council dramatically reduced risks whilst effectively cleaning public toilets and totally removing odours. They also found that graffiti and permanent marker was easily removed and that tarnished stainless steel urinals regained their shine.




Removing Health Risks and Offensive Odours of H2S Gas from Grease Traps | Park Hyatt Hotel

The elimination of odours with Triple7 Odour Control ensured the preservation of a pleasant working and staying atmosphere for workers and guests at the luxury hotel. The chemistry change also made for savings in labour and maintenance.


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