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The Triple7 range of Genuine Green cleaners is a whole new concept in cleaning.

These powerful, plant-based solutions have extraordinary cleaning power and are free of all toxic and hazardous ingredients.

Triple7 worksafe, environmental chemistries are designed for:

  • Staff & Customer Safety and Comfort
  • Protection of Cleaning Surfaces
  • Protection of Our Environment

Most cleaning chemicals contain toxic ingredients, rated as S2 poisons… ‘Keep Out of Reach of Children’ and we are inadvertently filling the environment with toxic off-gassing, a cause of asthma, neurotic disorders and even malfunctioning reproductive organs.
Toxic cleaning chemicals cause…
Health Issues – chronic ailments, debilitating illnesses, reproductive disorders & cancers.
Environmental Concerns – water pollution, death of marine life, ecosystem imbalance, soil contamination & ground-water fouling.
Impure Air Quality – ozone loss, global warming, acid rain & air pollution.
Social Impact – unhealthy & unpleasant working & living environments & absenteeism.

Triple7‘s plant-based formulations are made from renewable plant sources and contain non-ionic surfactants (surface acting agents) that break the surface tension of water and gently remove soiling using a ‘lift & release’ technique without damaging cleaning surfaces.

This is in contrast to common cleaning chemicals that are ionically charged – or “burn off” soiling – leaving surfaces damaged or weakened, and prone to corrosion and tarnishing.

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Property Management

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