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The Triple7 range of Genuine Green cleaners is a whole new concept in cleaning.

These powerful, plant-based solutions have extraordinary cleaning power and are free of all toxic and hazardous ingredients.

Triple7 worksafe, environmental chemistries are designed for:

  • Staff & Customer Safety and Comfort
  • Protection of Cleaning Surfaces
  • Protection of Our Environment

Most cleaning chemicals contain toxic ingredients, rated as S2 poisons… ‘Keep Out of Reach of Children’ and we are inadvertently filling the environment with toxic off-gassing, a cause of asthma, neurotic disorders and even malfunctioning reproductive organs.
Toxic cleaning chemicals cause…
Health Issues – chronic ailments, debilitating illnesses, reproductive disorders & cancers.
Environmental Concerns – water pollution, death of marine life, ecosystem imbalance, soil contamination & ground-water fouling.
Impure Air Quality – ozone loss, global warming, acid rain & air pollution.
Social Impact – unhealthy & unpleasant working & living environments & absenteeism.

Triple7‘s plant-based formulations are made from renewable plant sources and contain non-ionic surfactants (surface acting agents) that break the surface tension of water and gently remove soiling using a ‘lift & release’ technique without damaging cleaning surfaces.

This is in contrast to common cleaning chemicals that are ionically charged – or “burn off” soiling – leaving surfaces damaged or weakened, and prone to corrosion and tarnishing.

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Property Management

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Case Studies & More

Safer glass cleaning substitute leads to dramatic labour cost reduction

Cairns Height Safety introduced Triple7 Glass Shine as a substitute for traditional glass and mirror cleaner. The simple application process and highly effective performance of Triple7 Glass Shine resulted in a dramatic time reduction of 50%.


Effectively Removing Graffiti from Partition Panels

Envirofluid were asked to trial different graffiti removal products on a wall partition. The Envirofluid graffiti removal products caused no surface damage to the partition panel with the Purasolve Graffiti Remover being the most effective in removing all types of graffiti.


Removing Limescale Build Up in a Commercial Laundry

A bio-based Triple7 product allowed a large commercial laundry operation to completely remove calcium limescale build up on their filters, whilst saving on labour costs. This worksafe procedure also removed risks to maintenance staff by removing strong acids from their inventory and the removal of grinding wheels/brushes from the process.


Extreme Cost Savings Achieved in a Hotel Laundry | Four Seasons

The laundry at one of the Four Seasons Hotels will generally undertake 45-50 wash cycles per day. By using Triple7 Safewash Plus the hotel has been able to eliminate harmful chemicals that were damaging the STP Systems as well as save thousands of dollars per month on power. The hotel has also found that previously difficult to remove stains are removed with the organic Triple7 chemistry.


Laundry Product Comparative Trials at John Keells Hotel Chain

The Triple7 Laundry product range undertook a competitive test at one of the leading hotel chains. In every instance, the Triple7 Safewash Liquid took only 40 minute at 40�C wash cycle. All other participants used a minimum temperature of 70�C and had a cycle last at least 1 hour 50 minutes. One company had to wash the same garments twice over to achieve satisfactory results.


Superior Moss Removal Results with Non-Toxic Chemical Replacements | NSW University

With the help of Envirofluid, the University identified and mitigated a major health risk and sustainability hazard associated with its maintenance operation. In line with emerging national WHS standards it achieved this result at the top of the risk control hierarchy by substituting dangerous products with safe ones thus removing the threats entirely. In addition, the requirement of weekly removal of moss was extended out to every three months reducing labour costs and improving the overall satisfaction of the client with cleaner surfaces.


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