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Reducing risk is good for business.

Envirofluid chemistries reduce Health & Safety risks, and WHS and environmental compliance costs. Safer substances mean easier and more efficient handling, increasing productivity and reducing waste.

Because of the unique composition of our cleaning products, they do not form an emulsion with grease and oils but lifts and releases them at the surface for easy removal, and complete oil water separation.  This not only saves on waste costs, but enables re-use of the water on site as a dust suppressant, saving on water procurement costs.  The hydrocarbon level that is satisfactory for re using water as a dust suppressant is 15ppm (parts per million), however, our customers are achieving hydrocarbon levels as low as 0.75ppm!  An almost perfect separation.

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Mining & Resources

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Envirofluid has been selected as the winner at the 2014 Australian Mining Prospect Awards for Excellence in Environmental Management. The finalist nomination recognises the leading …


Removing Toxic Butyl Cellosolve From Train Cleaning Operations | Major Australian Mining Company

A major Australian mining company eliminated a dangerous cleaning chemical from site, increased output, improved worker health and reduced costs with the use of Triple7 …


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