Parts Washing

Envirofluid has Australia’s largest range of safe and effective parts cleaning chemicals and solvents. From safe degreasers and acids through to safer solvent alternatives for MEK, acetone and toluene, Envirofluid has a safer solution for all cleaning and maintenance applications.

Our Purasolve parts cleaning solvent is 100% recyclable and will last up to 3 years when used in conjunction with a Purasolve parts washer.

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Aviation Landing Gear and Wheel-bearing Maintenance

Purasolve Parts Cleaner SK is an approved solvent for aviation landing gears and wheel-bearing maintenance.


Benefits of Using Industrial Parts Washers

Increased productivity, reduced costs and labour are just some of the benefits of using industrial parts washers.


Replacing Solvents with Bio-Based Degreasers

Bio-based degreasers provide safer alternatives to traditional harsh solvents put people at risk, compromise the quality of materials, and harm the environment.


Finalists! 2014 NSCA/GIO National Safety Awards of Excellence

Envirofluid is proud to become a finalist in this year’s National Safety Council of Australia NSCA/GIO National Safety Awards. The awards are Australia’s longest running, …


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