NSN Coding

Envirofluid is proud to have a large range of products codified with NATO Stock Numbers (NSNs). These NSNs mean that these products are readily available for use in the Australian Defence Force, and also Defence Forces around the globe that are associated with the NSN program.

The below products have received Defence NSN Codification.


NSN Code


Triple7 Aircraft & Metal Cleaner6850-66-159-72455 Litre Bottle
6850-66-159-724820 Litre Drum
6850-66-159-7249200 Litre Drum
Triple7 AntiFoam6850-66-155-73125 Litre Bottle
Triple7 AquaSmart6840-66-164-0987500ml Bottle
Triple7 Awaken8520-66-164-0991300g Tube
8520-66-164-09924.75kg Tub
8520-66-164-099320kg Tub
Triple7 Bio Concentrate6850-66-164-078220 Litre Drum
Triple7 EnviroClear7930-66-159-72505 Litre Bottle
Triple7 Enviroscale6850-66-164-07765 Litre Bottle
6850-66-152-008020 Litre Drum
6850-66-152-0081200 Litre Drum
Triple7 Enviroscale Plus6850-66-164-080420 Litre Drum
Triple7 FogPro9150-66-163-703520 Litre Drum
Triple7 Glass Shine7930-66-164-08095 Litre Bottle
Triple7 Glass Shine Commercial7930-66-164-08081 Litre Bottle
Triple7 Heavy Duty7930-66-159-72515 Litre Bottle
7930-66-152-007820 Litre Drum
7930-66-152-0079200 Litre Drum
Triple7 Heavy Duty Plus7930-66-164-099620 Litre Drum
Triple7 Heavy Duty Commercial7930-66-164-0784 1 Litre Bottle
7930-66-164-07855 Litre Bottle
7930-66-164-078620 Litre Drum
Triple7 Hospitality7930-66-159-72525 Litre Bottle
Triple7 Hospitality Commercial7930-66-164-09811 Litre Bottle
Triple7 Iodosan7930-66-153-210220 Litre Drum
Triple7 Metal Shine7930-66-156-03585 Litre Bottle
Triple7 Mega Clean Commercial7930-66-164-07981 Litre Bottle
Triple7 Odour Control6840-66-154-62005 Litre Bottle
6840-66-159-725620 Litre Drum
Triple7 Odour Control Commercial6840-66-164-098420 Litre Drum
Triple7 Pristine Clean7930-66-164-08025 Litre Bottle
Triple7 Pristine Clean Commercial7930-66-164-08031 Litre Bottle
Triple7 Revive8520-66-164-0989500ml Tube
8520-66-164-09904.75kg Tub
Triple7 Saucepan Shine (Liquid)7930-66-164-08105 Litre Bottle
7930-66-164-080120 Litre Drum
Triple7 Safewash Liquid7930-66-159-72575 Litre Bottle
Triple7 Safewash Liquid Plus7930-66-164-079420 Litre Drum
Triple7 Safewash Powder7930-66-159-72582kg Tub
7930-66-164-080720kg Tub
Triple7 Safestain6850-66-164-09975 Litre Bottle
Triple7 Supershine7930-66-164-08125 Litre Bottle
7930-66-164-098320 Litre Drum
Triple7 Glass Shine Bottle7930-66-164-5235500ml Bottle
Triple7 Pristine Clean Bottle7930-66-164-5237500ml Bottle
Triple7 Glass Shine Bottle7930-66-164-5238500ml Bottle
Triple7 Odour Control Bottle7930-66-164-5239500ml Bottle
Triple7 Heavy Duty Bottle7930-66-164-5240500ml Bottle
Triple7 Hospitality Bottle7930-66-164-5241500ml Bottle
Triple7 Saucepan Shine Bottle7930-66-164-5242500ml Bottle
Purasolve AF1440 Antifoam6850-66-155-73125L Bottle
Purasolve Brake Cleaner6850-66-164-07975 Litre Bottle
6850-66-163-689020 Litre Drum
6850-66-164-5234400ml Aerosol
Purasolve Power-Fill4730-66-164-5243Each
Purasolve EverSafe Atomiser6530-66-163-7114Each
Purasolve Parts Cleaner6850-66-163-688920 Litre Drum
6850-66-163-6887200 Litre Drum
Purasolve Parts Cleaner SK6850-66-0163-688820 Litre Drum
6850-66-163-6887200 Litre Drum
Purasolve PS6 Parts Washer4940-66-164-5877Each
Purasolve PS6 Parts Washer Kit4940-66-164-5874Each
Purasolve Retrofit Filter Kit4330-66-163-7112Each
Purasolve Primary Filter4330-66-163-76949Replacement Cartridge
Purasolve Secondary Filter4330-66-163-6950Replacement Cartridge
Purasolve Pressure Sprayer4940-66-164-59701 Litre
Purasolve Precision Cleaner6850-66-164-09995 Litre Drum
6850-66-164-5233400ml Aerosol
Purasolve Surface Prep6850-66-159-725920 Litre Drum
Purasolve Weapons Cleaner6850-66-163-735220 Litre Drum
Kranszle CA-11-1304940-66-149-0283Each
ActiveEco ActiRevenge6850-66-164-088515 Litre Drum
ActiveEco Antifoam6850-66-164-09985 Litre Bottle
ActiveEco ActiveBlitz7930-66-164-09855 Litre Bottle
ActiveEco Complete7930-66-164-1003500ml Bottle
ActiveEco Disinfect6840-66-164-0979500ml Bottle
6840-66-164-09785 Litre Bottle
6840-66-164-097715 Litre Bottle
ActiveEco Krystal7930-66-164-10024.5kg Tub
ActiveEco Prewash7930-66-164-10005 Litre Bottle
ActiveEco Premium Fabric Softener7930-66-164-10015 Litre Drum
BlastSax4240-99-991-3183Carton of 20

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