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High performance non-toxic & non-hazardous descalers, degreasers and cleaning chemistries that protect your personnel and your assets.

Triple7 and Purasolve high performance, non-toxic, substitution chemicals provide complete solutions to specialised cleaning requirements within many areas of the Department of Defence.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced Inventory Requirements
  • Odour Reduction
  • Lower Disposal Costs
  • Less Storage and Handling Issues
  • Reduced WHS Issues and PPE Requirements
  • Reduced Waste Generation
  • Enhanced Environmentally Responsible Compliance

Triple7 organic surfactant based products give exceptional surface cleaning without any of the toxic substances found in common cleaning chemicals

These powerful non-toxic solutions are made from renewable resources which protect the cleaning surface and are suitable for use in confined spaces. The products have no special handling or storage requirements.

Triple7 solutions enhance system performance, enable easier maintenance and extend equipment life, while decreasing through-life costs and providing healthier working conditions.

Applications include aircraft cleaning, degreasing, scale removal, parts cleaning, sanitising and water treatment. Triple7’s unique formulations can offer the Defence Forces significant savings on maintenance costs and extend the usable life of all surface materials.

Envirofluid (CAGE Z02N8) is the manufacturer of the Triple7 products, and a Panel Member of MRO Standing Offer Panel (SON) 404267, Supplier to Defence.

Cage No. Z02N8
MRO Standing Offer Panel (SON) 404267

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Case Studies & More

C17 Aircraft Cleaning Trial

Triple7 Aircraft & Metal Cleaner and Purasolve Acti outperformed previously used products for cleaning the C17 cargo aircraft.


Carbon Build-Up Proves No Match for Triple7 Aircraft & Metal

A U.S.-based company that specialises in the design and manufacture of aircraft heat management systems trialed Triple7 Aircraft & Metal for cleaning parts to excellent …


Improved Cleaning and Sanitising of Potable Water Tanks within MEOMS

MEOMS required cleaning and sanitising products for Defence Aviation potable water tankers. Envirofluid provided safer options than traditional cleaning chemicals.


4 important reasons to make sure your cleaner or degreaser is eco safe

Are the cleaning and degreasing products in your workplace eco safe? These types of chemical products are likely to end up in drains from waste …


Efficient Aircraft Cleaning with no Water Run-Off Concerns | Maldivian Air Taxis

Maldivian Air Taxis now washes down its 27 Twin Otters sustainably and without risk of harm to the environment. By taking the time now to …


Envirofluid is awarded a Standing Offer by the Australian Department of Defence

Envirofluid has been paneled by the Australian Department of Defence to provide over the counter purchasing for Army, Airforce and Navy across our entire product …


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