The Triple7 and Purasolve range of non-toxic worksafe descalers, degreasers and odour control chemistries protect your personnel and your assets by extending equipment life, decreasing whole life costs and providing healthier working conditions.

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Efficient Sewer Pipe Descaling with Triple7 Enviroscale

The Situation Routine maintenance aboard naval ships and submarines include flushing of sewer pipes to remove limescale and calcium deposits that reduce system performance and create costly replacement and downtime. The descaler previously used by the ship’s crew caused extensive degradation of parent metals on delicate equipment that led to chemical leaks and unacceptable OH&S […]


Removing rust and stubborn grease stains aboard HMAS Diamantina (II)

Rust stains and stubborn grease aboard HMAS Diamantina (II) were no match for Envirofluid products Triple7 Heavy Duty and ActiveEco ActiRevenge.


Envirofluid at RAEME 79th Birthday in Darwin and Brisbane

For 2021, RAEME 79th Birthday events will be held in Darwin and Brisbane. Envirofluid is pleased to announce that we will once again support RAEME.


Purasolve Weapons Cleaning Provides Untold Benefits to Two Military Bases

After using Purasolve Weapons Cleaner, these two military bases reaped benefits including
improved health and safety for workers and the environment and reduced expenses for solvents.


Attending AUSA 2021 Annual Meeting and Exposition

Envirofluid will be at the AUSA 2021 Annual Meeting and Exposition, which will be held from 11-13 October in Washington, D.C


Deck Coverings on HMAS Arunta get the Triple7 and ActiveEco Treatment

Triple7 and ActiveEco products are used to clean and maintain new deck coverings at HMAS Arunta with optimal results


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