How to Unclog Drains Easily and Safely

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How to unclog drains easily and safely

Unclogging drains becomes easy and simple with Triple7 EnviroClear.

Slow draining sinks, water pooling in showers, and unpleasant odours are all signs of clogged drains. Unless a foreign object falls down the drain, most clogs don’t happen overnight. Typically, they are a result of built-up debris over time such as grease, food, dirt, or hair.

Unclogging Drains

It is possible to remove clogs without having to call the plumber. Chemical drain cleaners are the go-to for many when encountering blocked drains; however, these products are typically very harsh and can damage metal or plastic pipes. Moreover, they are often toxic for humans and harmful for the environment. Unclogging and maintaining drains using Triple7 EnviroClear ensures the removal of grease and fat deposits, the breakdown of solids, and improved drainage and system efficiency. It is a completely organic, fast-acting solution that is compatible with septic and effluent systems.

Before You Start:

Clean the strainer over the drain to make sure that there isn’t any food or grease clinging to it that might be causing the clog. Unclogging drains with Triple7 EnviroClear is easy and simple.

Directions for Cleaning Drains:

  1. Pour 250ml (1 cup) per day of concentrated Triple7 EnviroClear into the sink or shower drain for the first four days.
  2. Dose 250ml (1 cup) of Triple7 EnviroClear into the sink or shower drain every week / month as required to maintain treatment and system efficiency.

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